Living an Unconventional Retirement and Traveling the World

Episode 125: Interview with Kathy and Marc Tatone – Living an Unconventional Retirement and Traveling the World

By Lindsey / May 23, 2019

Have you ever thought about what you will do in your retirement? Maybe you will volunteer, have time to relax, or travel? I think travel is one of the most common responses I hear and one of my personal goals. But I have yet to meet two people who are really truly living it. Kathy…

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An extraordinary life is made up of thousands of amazing moments

“Up and to the Right”

By Lindsey / May 9, 2019

Recently on a podcast the host said the phrase “up and to the right.” She was referring to the progress made by her premie baby – born at 27 weeks. Although there are minutes and hours along the way that aren’t great, and also huge moments of terror, the general progress of her baby was “up…

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Goal Setting

Would You Work 28 Years For A Goal?

By Lindsey / April 29, 2019

28 years That is the amount of time that I have wanted to get a pull up. Ever since the first grade when we had to do the presidential fitness tests and pull ups were a part of the test. And it took me 28 years to make this happen. Somehow I always ended up…

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Dr Jesse of Chiro For Moms

Episode 122: Dr Jesse Lillejord – Chiro For Moms, Business Strategies and Staying True to You

By Lindsey / April 17, 2019

  Meet Dr Jesse of Chiro For Moms! It was such a joy to experience her process as a patient and also learn about the origin of her business and the deep passion she has for what she’s doing. If you are local to the Minneapolis area – make sure to go visit her clinic…

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Business Birthday and Midlife Unraveling

An Average Day That Led to a Midlife Unraveling – Lessons From My 4th Business Birthday (Episode 121)

By Lindsey / April 4, 2019

I woke up one day in March 2015 and decided I had to make a change. It was quite the average day but it turned extraordinary. I had known for a LONG time that something wasn’t right. I felt off. But I was scared. What if I made that big decision? Could I do it?…

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Dr Cassie Wilder talks functional medicine, birth control, poop and fatigue.

Episode 120: Dr. Cassie Wilder – Functional Medicine, Birth Control, Poop and Fatigue

By Lindsey / March 21, 2019

This episode with Dr Cassie will give you an understanding of functional medicine and how it can play a role in your health. I absolutely loved this conversation because I am constantly learning about my own health and ways I can improve. Did you know that most of Dr Cassie’s clients will come in and…

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Can You Really Do Anything in Life?

By Lindsey / March 13, 2019

I grew up with the belief that I could do anything I wanted to do in life – which was awesome. I knew I would go to college, get a job, live my life, and retire. Sprinkle in my passion and I’d be good to go. No limits or boundaries. I feel blessed to have…

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Interview with Erin Ayala. Body image, stoping smoking and 200 mile races.

Episode 115 – Erin Ayala – Body Image, Giving up Smoking, and Competing in 200 Mile Races

By Lindsey / February 20, 2019

I knew instantly when I heard Erin speak that we would have so much in common. Especially when it came to our stories about body image, challenges, endurance events, not being one for moderation and it was indeed true. Our stories have many parallels and I am confident her story will strike a cord with…

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My Burger

What’s Your Burger of the Month?? (Episode 114)

By Lindsey / January 31, 2019

I am an official member of the BOM Squad. What is that you ask? It’s the Burger of the Month Squad. As funny as this may seem, I am really proud of that t-shirt and the accomplishment. (Shout out to My Burger for their awesome Burger of the Month Club). Here’s why. It takes a…

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Stop saying mean things to yourself, about yourself

Why Do We Talk to Ourselves This Way? (Episode 113)

By Lindsey / January 24, 2019

Yesterday at my business networking meeting we played a game. Everyone gets 60 seconds to give a commercial, ask for the kind of referral they are looking for, and basically advertise for their business. What happens a lot during those 60 seconds is people will use the phrases “I’m looking for somebody who……” “A good referral…

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