Business Celebration – 5 Things My Clients Were Right About

Let's do a business celebration! I can't believe it's been 8 years and it also feels like just the beginning.

I started my job as a personal trainer when I was a fresh faced 22 year old who wanted to change the world and everyone's heath and happiness. I have always had empathy, compassion and a talent for being able to put myself in the shoes and situations of other people.


Let's just take a moment and give a smile to the 22 year old who thought she knew everything. I was always ready to say "I'm not sure, I'll find out" if I didn't know something, but I also thought I knew a lot.


Now I'm a 39 (am I 39?) year old personal trainer, life coach, speaker, wellness consultant with a ton of education and years of experience.

And I have been running my own business now for 8 years - Happy Business Anniversary to me!


So I thought it would be fun to share a few of the "Things My Clients Were Right About" in honor of them and what they have taught me over the years.


Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - "Business Celebration - 5 Things My Clients Were Right About"

#1 - You Need a Winter Getaway

I remember when I moved to Minnesota people would always say "you have to plan a getaway to somewhere warm between January and March."

To which I would say "I'm from Iowa, I know what winter is like and I can handle it."


And I love winter. I really do. But we all need a break. Even for a few days.

I started taking a winter getaway and it made all the difference in the world. Did I take one this year? NO. Big mistake.

Worst winter we've had in a LONG TIME.

So I'll just sit here and watch my clients on FB and IG travel to warm places and I'll remember their sage advice.

#2 - Always Do Bicep Curls

Ok this one is a little tongue in cheek. I started to notice that if I didn't include bicep curls in a work out, at least one person (usually a guy) who hammer out (see what I did there?) some bicep curls before leaving the gym.

For awhile it gave me a good laugh and I would think to myself "you only need functional training, not to isolate your muscles."

Let's all laugh together.

I started working on my pull ups and I asked my physical therapist why I kept getting stuck at the end (most people have a hard time activating a pull up) and he said "you need to do more bicep curls." 


I have included bicep curls in all work outs and my own - thank you very much.


#3 - Always Pay Your Mortgage

I never disagreed with this one but I included it because I will always remember when I left the club to start my own business one of my clients would always ask "is your mortgage still being paid?"

I would nod, laugh and say yes.

He has his own company and I knew he understood that it can be tough, but I am tougher.

The question of "is my mortgage paid?" has also brought great pride to me because I've never missed a mortgage payment and I've made it happen. Does that mean it was easy - NO WAY. No way at all.

And honestly - we all need to remember this sentiment.

# 4 - Do What You Like To Do and Want To Do

I have met so many incredible people and for a girl from a small town growing up to a small town for college, it was eye-opening from the beginning.

I had clients who owned businesses, had extreme hobbies, had 10 grandchildren, have traveled all over the world, were top level teachers and so much more.

Honestly, I have been in awe of them from the start. I've never really known how to answer the question "who inspires you?" but I believe it's my clients. They are out in the world doing incredible things.

They always encouraged me to follow what I like to do, what I want to do and what makes me happy. Never with a fake optimism or false positivity, but with a realistic approach.

# 5 - Bodies

I mean, I was a 22 year old personal trainer when I started. I had just ran a marathon a year and felt pretty good. I was of the belief that you should take care of your body, exercise, eat well and everything will turn out great.


Clients would say all the cliche things like "wait until you're 40, wait until you're older, it only gets harder from here." and so on and so on.

While I believed them and was empathetic for where they were at, if I'm honest, a part of me did not think it would happen to me. HOW NAIVE.

Well, I'll just sit here and admit you were all right.

It has gotten harder with age, I am almost 40 and what the hell is happening to my body?

I do have to work on recovery and stretching more. I have more aches, pains and injuries.

I've also really fallen in love with learning more about my body, figuring out what it needs in the moment and doing things differently if needed.

I only get one body and one lifetime, so I'll partner up with my body for this adventure.

But I'll say it again for all of you who just looked at me like I knew nothing...



I honestly can't believe it's been 17 years since I started as a wide eyed personal trainer with not a damn clue with what I was doing and now I'm almost 40 with my own business.

Every year for my business birthday I write/podcast with some reflections.


You can read "7 Lessons From 7 Years in Business" and also in that blog are the links to all my other reflections.

I also did a 5 Things I'm Proud Of and 5 Goals For the Next Year in that post. The next blog will have an update on those things and my focus for the next year. It's quite interesting to look at those things a year. later.

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