Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview With Bland Matthews - CEO of Berserker Brew Coffee. A photo of him

The Best Organic Coffee – An Interview With Bland Matthews – the CEO of Berserker Brew Coffee

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 21, 2023

Have you had the best organic coffee? Maybe. I am a self-proclaimed (and other people say this too) “coffee snob.” Which really means I have to come to like and appreciate organic beans, low acidity and dark coffee. Do you know some of the facts about coffee beans and pesticides? Does coffee make your stomach…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview with Buffie Dumas - Worlds Toughest Mudder participant. Photo of her at the event.

Worlds Toughest Mudder – An Interview With Buffie Dumas. Completing WTM at age 66.

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 21, 2023

Worlds Toughest Mudder – a 24 hour obstacle course race. And arguably one of the most challenging endurance events out there. In this episode, I interview my good friend Buffie Dumas who shares her story of completing the event at age 66. Not quite sure what Worlds Toughest Mudder is? Check out more information HERE.…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Cover Photo - Interview with Ellen Boschwitz

A Strength Training Podcast – an Interview With Ellen Boschwitz about Strength Training As You Age

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 21, 2023

This is a fun strength training and more podcast. I interview my long time client Ellen Boschwitz about her her life, her journey into strength training and our relationship through the years. She just turned 87!!!! and is still doing her strength training, yoga, and staying fit and active through daily life activities. It hasn’t…

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Life coach sitting on a chair sharing favorite things

A few of my favorite things

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 16, 2023

These are a few of my favorite things…..(did you sing it in your head?) If you’re anything like me, you are kind of nosy. You like to see products other people are using and what’s helping them. In this post, I’m going to share some of the things I have been using to rehab my…

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Birthday Reflections

Birthday Reflections

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 9, 2023

Today I turn 39 and I’m doing some birthday reflections. If you’ve been a client of mine since the beginning of my career, your jaw probably dropped. Yes, I was very young when I started and we have all aged since then. And how awesome that you’re still here – I am eternally grateful. To…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. An important reminder for the new year.

An Important New Year’s Reminder

By Lindsey Heiserman / January 9, 2023

An important reminder as you walk into the new year. Whether you are a person who loves the “fresh start” feeling of the new year or you don’t pay much attention to it, this reminder is for you. During the Life Adventure Collective January workshop all about identity based goals, I paused in the middle…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

Why is there always a piece missing?

By Lindsey Heiserman / September 15, 2022

Why is there always one piece missing?  Seriously. I love puzzles and it seems like I can never get through a full puzzle without misplacing ONE PIECE. *insert life and puzzle analogy here* BUT really. I do love puzzles. And recently I have had a big revelation about a missing piece for my business.  It’s…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. "Mind Muscle and Movement" Podcast Episode 24. "My Story - Working at a Corporate Gym for 9 Years"

My Story – Working 9 Years at a Corporate Gym

By Lindsey Heiserman / August 16, 2022

What a ride.⁣⁣From 2006-2015 I was a personal trainer at a corporate gym. It was ROUGH for a lot of those years, with a few really sweet spot years in the middle, and a rocky finish.⁣⁣Starting, growing and building a personal training (or other client focused) business is hard. It’s a sales job, a personal…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast. "3 Things I Wish I Had Known About Business"

3 Things I Wish I Had Known in Business

By Lindsey Heiserman / August 9, 2022

After 16 years building my personal training and coaching business, I reflect on 3 things I wish I had known earlier. Does this mean I would change anything- not particularly. However, if you’re just starting out in your business, these could be helpful. (Hint – one of them is about taxes  – of course!)  …

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Season 3, Episode 22. Interview With Robin Legat "Business Owner Turned Employee"

Interview With Robin Legat – From Business Owner to Employee

By Lindsey Heiserman / July 21, 2022

Did you catch the last podcast episode with Stephanie?? You can listen to it HERE.   (read more HERE). Stephanie and I had a very honest talk about her experience as a business owner for years, through the pandemic and her return to a teaching career while still running her gym. In this episode we discuss:…

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