Birthday Reflections

Today I turn 39 and I'm doing some birthday reflections.

If you've been a client of mine since the beginning of my career, your jaw probably dropped. Yes, I was very young when I started and we have all aged since then.

And how awesome that you're still here - I am eternally grateful.

To celebrate my birthday, I'm going to share with you a few things I have been reflecting on.


But before I do that, let's take a moment of pause and be thankful I am not still teaching group classes at the gym. Because I'm getting too old for those workouts.


1 minute run/sprint and then 1 minute rest

AS MANY ROUNDS AS I WAS TURNING OLD. We would need almost 90 minutes now. 😁

What's the alternative?

I LOVE celebrating my birthday. Why? Because we all know the alternative. You either have a birthday or you don't and I am so grateful to be alive each and every year. I also believe we do not celebrate ourselves enough and having a birthday is a great way to start celebrating yourself.

If you're one who always says "I don't care much for my birthday," I would challenge you to go out and celebrate. You deserve it.

Always get the birthday freebies

I LOVE all the birthday freebies. As soon as February 1st hits, my email starts going off with free stuff. It never gets old. Yes, I will have that free bundt cake, burger, and free drink.

It's not about the money I'm saving by having free things gifted to me (although that is wonderful) it's about the small and constant ways I can celebrate throughout the month.

This means I can spread the birthday celebrations out by more and more and more.

My body is different

I really thought you were joking. Everyone (clients, friends, family) who all said "your body is different the closer you get to 40......

Well damn. It was all true.

In all seriousness, I am really listening to my body and trying to be in partnership with it.  For a good 20 years, I looked at my body as a thing to make smaller, to diet and I truly didn't like it or respect it.

Now, I am thinking about the long game. How can I still be moving well when I'm 80+? Missing a work out or paring something down because my body feels off suddenly isn't as big of a deal. It's a way to preserve my body for the long term.

I do WAY more stretching, yoga and mobility now than I ever have and it's something my body actually enjoys and craves.

Also - walking is the secret sauce to life. We all laughed at those mall walkers, but they were on to something.

I really didn't start walking for extra movement until covid and then I realized how valuable it is for health, nature exposure, stress reduction and so much more.


One more really important note that I have come to realize (and accept) is that my body will change. I know that might sound like DUH....but once I accepted that my body will never really look the same at any two given points in time, it helped me.

That was the warm up round

I feel like I'm just getting started. The last 20 years have been the warm up - it's go time now. Truly.

I remember when I was really young and thinking "wow - 50 is old" (also - the media taught us that - it's not true). Now? I feel like 40 is just the beginning and the best is yet to come.

I have learned SO MUCH about myself, life, owning a business and what I want and it feels like now I can really start doing those things.

It is also really exciting to think about what's next and I see so many people in the world doing INCREDIBLE things at any age. It truly is never too late to start something or to create the life you desire.

I have grey hair and wrinkles

I have tons of grey hair now (a really cool streak in the front) and wrinkles. The frown lines in my face are far more defined. Honestly I wish more of my hair would turn grey.

On the note of hair. I was once a blonde. A true blonde. Then I started to highlight my hair to keep the blonde and right before covid hit, I decided not to color it anymore. Over the last 3 years my hair has turned darker and darker into a brunette shade.

I didn't love it. And sometimes still don't.

I don't think it looks like ME. But as it turns out, that is me. Me with darker hair. So, the addition of grey makes me excited.


I like what I like

I like going to bed at 9pm (or 830pm). I like getting up at 5. I like having a slow morning with coffee. I like doing puzzles. I like adventure and racing. I like movies.

I like what I like.

The older I get, the more I like what I like. And I really enjoy sticking to those things. Of course I will still try new and exciting things, but on the daily, it feels really good to do what I like to do.

What's next?

I find it so exciting to think about what's next. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about the past (and still do at times) but what's more helpful is thinking about the future.

What can I create?

Where can I go?

What can I do?

What else can I learn about myself?


It's really exciting to know that I can create anything out of my life (also overwhelming at times).

Listen to the Birthday Reflections Podcast Episode Below:

Let's Celebrate

I hope birthdays bring you excitement in the form of a free bundt cake, reflection, celebration with those you love and gratitude for life.

This year I feel like I am in a place where I am settling into myself, still feeling so young at heart and am excited about what's next.

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