You Are Doing Too Much….AND….Too Little

When you are starting, creating and growing your fitness business - you are very familiar with this feeling. The overwhelm. You're trying to do all the things. Your head is spinning every day trying to keep up and you end up doing half or none of the things.

Creating and building a business, especially in fitness and wellness, can and is overwhelming. You have your clients, networking, content marketing, social media, accounting, your own schedule, your own health, fitness, and so on and so on and SO ON.


In this episode, I help you to break down that overwhelm by identifying what stage of business you're actually in so you can clarify what you need to be doing now and what can be done later.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Season 2, Episode 20

Another important thing is to trust yourself that you are smart enough, capable enough, brave enough and you will make it happen.


It won't all happen right now, but in its own time.  The best thing you can ever do in creating and growing your business is to do the next best thing.

Are you a fitness and wellness professional feeling a little overwhelmed and stuck in your business?

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These 3 episodes will give you tangible, realistic and exciting ideas to infuse into your life and business.



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