Worlds Toughest Mudder – An Interview With Buffie Dumas. Completing WTM at age 66.

Worlds Toughest Mudder - a 24 hour obstacle course race. And arguably one of the most challenging endurance events out there. In this episode, I interview my good friend Buffie Dumas who shares her story of completing the event at age 66.

Not quite sure what Worlds Toughest Mudder is? Check out more information HERE.



I met Buffie many years ago on the course of the Tough Mudder and we became fast friends. You can read more about how we met and what happened when she first set foot on the TM course HERE.


She was gifted a registration for the Tough Mudder 5k by her children as a way to keep her moving in her fitness journey. And as they say - the rest is history.


5k TM - ✅

15k TM - ✅

12 hour overnight TM - ✅

24 hour WTM - ✅


In her 60's, Buffie has completed every level of race Tough Mudder offers culminating in her Worlds Toughest Mudder event last year.

She's so many things in her life - an INCREDIBLE person, a grandma, a wife, a mom, a friend, a teacher and way more than any descriptors could even begin to describe.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview with Buffie Dumas - Worlds Toughest Mudder participant. Photo of her at the event.

In this episode all about Worlds Toughest Mudder we discuss:

  • Her fears about the event
  • Why she signed up
  • How she made it through
  • We talk about each of her laps in detail - what she was feeling, what was happening
  • How she prepared
  • The fun she had!
  • How she overcame fear
  • So much more

Buffie's energy is contagious and I know she will inspire you to get or keep moving - no matter your age. You can also hear more of her story, along with her husband Dan and son Danny on the "No Excuses - Tough Mudder Podcast" with Sean Corvelle.

Listen to that episode HERE.


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