Hi! I'm Lindsey.

A professional speaker, life and business coach, and personal trainer.

At the heart of all of my work is my ability to truly connect with you, the person. I do this with a blend of radical honesty, no bullshit, heavy compassion and a lot of fun.


I work with clients in a variety of ways, so let me take you on a guided tour to determine what route is best for you.


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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching


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What People Are Saying

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

"Lindsey is a poised, humorous, and inspirational speaker.  She is very relatable and weaves her personal story into sport, business, and life lessons.  When Lindsey speaks, you'll laugh, think, "hey that's me," and leave with the motivation and tools to make a positive change in your life.  We look forward to having her speak at future events!" Dr Molly King


"Lindsey is a dynamic and engaging speaker.  She provides a professional delivery on topics that can be sometimes difficult to discuss and utilizes humor in a way that makes it very entertaining and comfortable.  She connects exceptionally well with the audience and I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any event related to reaching for more in life." Dr Grant Norland


This project would have failed if I had tried to do it on my own, and more importantly, unless Lindsey was leading it. Success depended on several things: someone leading the project who understood my concerns and brought no preconceived ideas of how to address them; employees feeling safe in sharing their thoughts; and someone able to empathize with millennials while maintaining a perspective from which to “decode” them for those of us not in that generation.

These are Lindsey’s great strengths. She is a careful and active listener who takes the time to truly understand an issue before suggesting any action. She is easily-approachable and disarming, which quickly engenders mutual trust and ease of conservation. And, being a millennial herself, she empathizes with this generation. Yet, this belies her keen insights and understanding of millennials and her great ability to transfer those things to someone like me.

These strengths are certainly not unique to my project or business. They will benefit any organization that wants to better understand its millennial work force and/or find new and more effective ways to manage and motivate them.   Ralph Bernstein Owner/Operator

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Why Work With Me?

  • I have over 16 years experience in the personal training industry and a masters degree in counseling and psychotherapy. This is an unheard of combination of education, skills and experience.


  • I have experience in the corporate gym setting for 9 years and my own business for over 7 years. This experience gives me the unique ability to blend corporate and entrepreneurship world together.


  • My clients have been able to launch their fitness businesses, start podcasts, find love and get married after loss, create and maintain a wellness lifestyle, recover from falling down the stairs, move through stages of grief, and so much more.
Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

On a personal level - I have gone from a sedentary, diet culture obsessed kid who couldn't even complete a mile in gym class to an adult who has completed over 150+ obstacle course races (some at a world championship level) who also eats sweets without guilt.


Many of my clients stay with me for years (whether it is consulting, business & life coaching or personal training) because of the safe, fun and challenging relationship we create together.