Hi! I'm Lindsey.

A professional speaker, life and business coach, and personal trainer.

At the heart of all of my work is my ability to truly connect with you, the person. I do this with a blend of radical honesty, no bullshit, heavy compassion and a lot of fun.


I work with clients in a variety of ways, so let me take you on a guided tour to determine what route is best for you.


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Why Trust Me?

  • I have over 15 years experience in the personal training industry as well as a masters degree in counseling and psychotherapy. This is an unheard of combination of education, skills and experience.


  • I have experience in the corporate gym setting for 9 years and my own business for over 6 years.


  • I have had the full range of success, failure, starting, stopping, ups, downs and can relate as a human.


  • On a personal level - I have gone from a sedentary, diet culture obsessed kid who couldn't even complete a mile in gym class to an adult who has completed over 150+ obstacle course races (some at a world championship level) who also eats sweets without guilt.


  • My clients have been able to launch their fitness businesses, start podcasts, find love and get married after loss, create and maintain a wellness lifestyle, recover from falling down the stairs, move through stages of grief, and so much more.


Many of my clients stay with me for years (whether it is personal training, life or business coaching) because of the safe, fun and challenging relationship we create together.


HI! This is me. I am a speaker, workshop leader, and life and business coach.


ALSO ME - a personal trainer and lover of the gym.


Most of the time you can find me obstacle course racing for 24 hours, ninja training and having fun in the mud all over the country.

24 Hour Obstacle Course Racing and Lessons About Life