What is life coaching? A testimonial from Katie about her experience.

What is life coaching? That's a great question - let's chat about it. Life coaching is support for you so you can work towards the life you desire to live.

I often talk about life coaching "entry points" which really means - the reason you start coaching.

This could be:

  • To start a healthy lifestyle
  • Because you are experiencing a transition in life (retirement, kids going to college, job change, etc)
  • You are bored with your life and want to explore new things
  • You feel STUCK and don't know how to get moving in a different direction
  • You want to work through some relationship things
  • You aren't sure therapy is the right fit, but you know you desire something

From this entry point, life coaching will often dive into a lot of other aspects of your life (because they all weave together).


My client Katie was so kind to share her experience not only with life coaching but also with some of the other services I offer.


You can read through the question/answers below and also listen to her audio testimonial at the end of the page.

Why did you start life coaching?

"I had bariatric surgery and one of the things they recommend is to have therapy or something similar set up after surgery since there are certain things that you're going to need to work through."

Why life coaching instead of therapy?

"I've done a lot of therapy over the course of my life and I didn't really feel like that was the right fit for me.

I have never really lived a healthy or active lifestyle and I didn't know how to go about doing that.

Through Lindsey's coaching, I was able to work through some of those things post surgery to help create new habits rather than the habits I'd had my whole life."

Did you like the Voxer coaching?

"The coaching I did with Lindsey was all through the Voxer app, which means that we send each other voicemails back & forth and we don't have any scheduled face to face time.

This really helped me because it gave me the time to think through things and respond to her.

I could also go back and re listen to things that she had commented on instead of trying to remember everything that would be in a face to face session."

What were your goals?

"Since my goals were to navigate a path of how to live a healthy life and be an active person, we worked through what those definitions could be and how to tweak them to make them not so black and white thinking.

We set ways that I could create success for myself. Part of that was starting to participate in the other things that Lindsey offers.....

which are her gym classes - they are a ridiculous amount of fun and the fastest hour I've ever spent in a gym. And Monday evening walk club, which is also just a delightful time to go for a walk and meet some new people."

How has coaching impacted your family?

"What has been really cool is how I've gotten my husband involved.

One of us will go to the gym class on Sunday, then the other one goes to the walk on Monday.

The following week we switch. This way we are both getting in active and social time."

Katie Life Coaching Testimonial and Experience

What is your overall feeling about life coaching?

"This all around experience is such an uplifting feeling. It is moving me forward and helping me to see things in a positive, productive and healthy light in order for me to live my best life.

Highly recommend Lindsey to anyone and everyone for coaching and for all of her different coaching methods."

Do you think life coaching could help you??

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