Episode 92 – What the Gym Taught Me When I Was 12

I fell in love with the gym when I was 12 and it taught me so much about myself and life. As a kid I was always striving and wanting to be more athletic, to be good at sports and I knew deep down that moving your body was the key to long term health.

As many young girls do I started to feel pressure to be skinnier, lose weight, and be smaller. Regardless of whether I needed to lose weight or not, I felt like I did and this propelled me to my next (and my life direction) path.

I started doing step aerobics to a work out video (Kathy Smith!!) in the living room and quickly realized that endorphins were incredible and made me feel so good. I was instantly hooked. Not long after that my friend and I joined the YMCA so we could start lifting weights and getting stronger for the upcoming middle school volleyball season.


Lifting weights made me feel strong, confident, and like I could conquer the world. I learned that I could work to improve the weight I was lifting and see progress quickly. This also translated to so much of my life.

I want that experience for young girls. I want them to be able to walk into a gym, feel confident with the knowledge of what to do, and experience the growth that can happen physically and emotionally by becoming stronger.

I hope you’ll listen to more of my story on EPISODE 92 of the podcast. You can listen HERE.

This summer I am taking my personal passion and teaching classes for teen girls ages 12-18. 


These classes will cover:


  • Fitness in the gym

    -learning strength training, proper technique, cardio and creating fun in the gym. How to create and build life long health and fitness.


  • Nutrition

    – learning how food provides us energy, what to eat for good mood and energy, and how to make smart choices.


  • Body Image/Self Esteem

– discussing body insecurities – how to identify them, work through them and be PROUD                                of your body.


  • Learning about yourself

    – finding out what you are great at and creating your life around what you love.


  • Creating your future 

    – (15-18 group) – what do you want to do in the future? How to make the best choices for you.





These are the basics of the two programs and more details will be coming out soon but I wanted to give you the opportunity to jump on the best price and 2 FREE incentives (including one for you!)


Program Dates and Times:


Beginning Monday June 18th – Ending Thursday August 23rd. There will be class options on Mondays and Thursdays.


Monday Class Options

9am – 12-14 years old

10 am – 15-18 years old


Thursday Class Options

3pm – 15-18 year olds

4pm – 12-14 year olds


Investment – you can do a $20 per class drop in price or purchase a punchcard (details below).


Punchcard – you can purchase a 10 class punchcard for your daughter and they can come once  or twice a week. It also gives you the flexibility if you are gone certain times throughout the summer and can’t make a permanent class schedule. Punchcard is $150 ($15 per class). 



Now until March 31st if you purchase a 10 class punchcard for your daughter you will receive 10% off the punchcard (equals one free class) AND

a FREE 30 minute 1-1 session for your daughter AND

FREE 30 minute 1-1 session for YOU.

These sessions can be personal training in the gym or life coaching.

Ready to sign your daughter up for the best summer program in the Twin Cities? AND get the bonuses?? CLICK BELOW to REGISTER


Fitness and Fun in the Summer Program


Fitness and Fun in the Summer. Programs for Teen Girls ages 12-18. Strength training, nutrition talk, body image, goal setting and more.

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