True Confession Tuesday: Should You Unfollow?

Okay, maybe today is Thursday – not Tuesday, but I have a confession I want to share.

Confession: I think you should unfollow me.

  • Social media is everywhere.
  • News reports are everywhere.
  • TV is everywhere.
  • We are surrounded by thoughts and things that influence us  EVERY DAY.

And what we see, listen to, watch, read and absorb DIRECTLY influences our thoughts and those thoughts influence our mood and our behavior.

I’ll give you a few examples.

  • A few years ago I watched the 10pm news every night before bed and then started having nightmares. Solution – stopped watching the news.


  • When going on social media I would find myself becoming jealous of the lives or bodies of other people. Solution – unfollowed them.


  • My radio station was gossip  and fluff and didn’t stimulate my brain. Solution – started listening to podcasts in the car.


  • Watched mindless TV. Solution – listened to podcasts or found TV that was engaging that I really liked or read a book. 


I finally realized that what I was listening to, reading, watching and surrounding myself with was influencing how I was thinking, feeling, and acting.

And the beautiful thing is – we all get to choose what we let into our minds.

I also want to make a note about social media. I love social media. I love sharing my life on it and I love getting insights into what other people are doing. But as soon as I find myself feeling negative or frustrated or jealous by what someone is posting, I UNFOLLOW. Not because they are a bad person but because I am not in a personal place where I can look at what they are posting and be supportive of them.

I have unfollowed people years ago because they were triggering something in me and now I have started to follow them again because I have grown and have a new perspective.

This is also part of why I am loving Instagram more and more. I can find people who are motivating, who inspire me, and challenge my thoughts. I see what people are doing in business and I get ideas. But I can also unfollow – and I do that a lot.

You are the CURATOR of your life and I hope you start to pay close attention to what you let in and that you invite in and surround yourself with all the GOOD STUFF.

And back to the original confession – if I trigger you in any negative way – I hope you unfollow and find people who are aligned with where you’re at in your life currently.


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Have a great weekend!



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