True Confession Tuesday – “It Must Be Nice”

Confession: I have been in my head lately.

And it’s been on purpose. I have been more and more aware of my internal thought patterns and how they change my life (negatively and positively).

On more than occasion I have had someone say to me “It must be nice to be so happy all the time.” OR “Your life looks pretty great – must be nice.”
Do you notice a common theme?



  • It is nice to enjoy my life.
  • To be happy most days.
  • To have adventures .
  • To do races.
  • To have fun.
  • To have freedom and flexibility with my job.
  • To have cute dogs.



Because every day I also have these thoughts to battle.


  • Did I make the right choice quitting my job and owning my own business?
  • What comes next?
  • Will I be good enough?
  • But there are already so many people out there doing what I do – why would I matter?
  • How can I be a better athlete?
  • Why can’t I do pull ups?
  • I should have done x,y,z by now.
  • Why haven’t I built my business into what it is in my head?
  • Why don’t I run faster?
  • Why can’t I cook better?


Without deliberate, conscious and focused action every day – I can easily stay in all of those negative thought spaces. But do you know what happens when I do? Those negative beliefs actually become true and show up everywhere in my life.

But the opposite is also true. If I focus on all the good stuff, more of it shows up.

Because what you think in your head will manifest and show up in your life (good and bad). And what you believe about yourself will become true.

So if you started to nod your head at the beginning of this email and thought to yourself “Yeah – her life must be nice but I have kids, I have a full time job where I travel, I have obligations she doesn’t have and I can’t have that kind of life.” I want you to take a pause. I can play the comparison game with the best of them. I do it daily. And then I catch myself because it isn’t helpful. There is no value in tearing yourself down by comparing or making excuses why your life can’t be like someone elses.

Because you only get your life. And that’s awesome. And what’s even better? You’re in charge of it. You get to wake up every day and decide what kind of attitude, what kind of head space, and what kind of actions you want to take towards your desired life.

Is it easy? Nope, For sure not.

If I wake up every day and spend my day (which I have) wallowing in all the ways I’m not good enough and life isn’t as great as I envisioned – then my actions follow those horrible thoughts. Which usually means I will procrastinate, watch tv or be on social media (likely comparing myself and feeling bad) and simply doing nothing.

But if I wake up in gratitude for what I have, I’m aware of all the great things that are going on that I have created, and I’m excited about possibilities of growing myself the results are incredible. All day long I catch myself and bring myself back to a place of positivity and gratitude. I play that game all day, every day.

So as we go into this busy season of the holidays, the end of the year, and the beginning of a fresh year, I invite you to spend time in your head. Become aware of all the ways you tear yourself down, you focus on the negatives, and all the times you compare your life to others.

And every time you want to say to someone “must be nice” realize that you have the power to change your life and that the other person is probably working extremely hard on staying positive and grounded so they can create that life.

I have spent so many days, years, months focused on ways in which I lack and my life lacks and I am so ready to focus on all the ways in which my life rocks! I hope you’ll do the same.


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Enjoy these next few holiday weeks.


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