True Confession Tuesday – I Love Winter. How EMBRACING winter taught me to embrace life.

True Confession Tuesday:

Where (almost) every Tuesday – I confess.

Confession: I’m loving winter more and more each year.

As I write this, I am looking out the window at the icy, snowy, sleet that is coming down and wondering if my confession is true. But alas – even with these crappy driving condition days – I am loving winter more and more.

But it hasn’t come easy and I have realized that in order to love winter you must have one key component. If you’re reading this and thinking I am completely nuts and you’re booking flights to the nearest warm weather destination – hear me out.

I too used to somewhat dread and complain when winter rolled around. The shorter days, the extra darkness, the bone chilling cold and also the fact that it never seems to end. Outside of all of these things there is beauty and enjoyment to be had in ALL of the incredible winter months.

Last February I took my first trip “up north” to Duluth and I was worried that a winter trip would not be all that fun. Turns out – the weather that weekend was abnormally warm (50 degrees) and we ended up kayaking instead of snow biking so I really didn’t get the full winter effect. What I did get was an appreciation for the trails, the lakes, and the exploration you can do year round.

This year we decided to try this “winter” trip again. Fortunately,  the weather was predicted to be much more seasonal. Perfect. Time to figure out if I truly have an appreciation for winter.

But before we headed to Duluth we also experienced winter in a few other ways – ziplining and running a trail race (at night).

As I am zipping down the zipline I look below me and I see snow covered trees, I experience complete silence and peace and I can see for miles. How can you not appreciate the beauty of the winter under those conditions? I asked the ziplining tour guides what their favorite season to guide was – and they said WINTER. And for many of the very same reasons – the peacefulness, the calm, the serenity, and fewer people on tours which makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone.

It was truly magical.

And surprisingly – not cold. In fact because I was dressed in the appropriate layers, I was warm. And nothing beats the feel of that “warm” winter sun on your face.

That night we ran a 10k trail race. Yes – at night. It too was magical. The crunch of the snow, the windiness of the trail, the light of the moon and knowing it was just me and the snowy trail.

The whole time I was running I kept thinking to myself – EMBRACE. That is truly the way you enjoy the winter. Or any part of your life for that matter. 

*I just gave away the key component to enjoying winter – EMBRACE.* We will revisit this in a moment.

Then we made our way to Duluth for more winter exploring. Hiking, fat tire bike riding (a story for another day), more hiking and an incredible hotel experience with a jacuzzi and a YERT.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I changed in and out of my warm winter clothes and a million layers but it was all worth it. Because with the proper attire, you are prepped to enjoy winter and to stay warm.

There is so much beauty in every season but because of the bitter cold we often experience in Minnesota it can make us feel very bitter towards the season.

My question to you is – what if you actually EMBRACED winter? If you put on all the hats, mittens, long johns, coats and scarves – what would you experience?

  • Would you see the peacefulness of the land from a zipline?
  • Would you go for a winter hike and watch the sun glisten on a frozen lake?
  • Would you see a winter parade?
  • Would you go ice fishing?
  • Would you watch a movie outside? ( did that in December)
  • Would you go for a bike ride?
  • Would you get up and watch the sun rise over the water?

When I tell people about all the crazy activities I have done in the cold they often look at me like an alien. However, I know that I have experienced some of the best views, incredible beauty of nature and more.

If you’re still not on the embracing winter train and you still have the airline tab open in your browser, I urge you to think about this.

In what other areas of your life can you EMBRACE your situation?


  • Struggling in your job? What are the areas you can learn? Who can you learn from or collaborate with?
  • Having a hard time connecting with your partner? Create a list of all the things you love about them and embrace those things even amongst the hard times.
  • Have you fallen out of an exercise routine? Take a moment to explore new ways of exercise, fitness, and movement. Maybe there’s a reason you are stuck.
  • Are you lonely or sad? Challenge yourself to new activities or to introduce yourself to new people. It could be an opportunity to meet new people you may have never known.
  • Are your kids experiencing a hard phase that is really taxing for you and them? Take time to reflect on what you love about them, what you’re excited about, and turn the table and see it from their point of view. What do they really need? How can you embrace their struggle?


These examples could go on and on.

In all areas of life we can either choose to be bitter (and bitterly cold) or we can choose to embrace where we are at in life, look around us, create new experiences, find beauty in the world, and watch an incredible sunrise or sunset.


How learning to embrace winter taught me so much about life.


Since the groundhog predicted more winter, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to put this “EMBRACE” idea to work. Let me know – how are you going to embrace winter or other parts of your life? EMAIL ME and let’s chat.


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