True Confession Tuesday: I Have Something Important to Tell You

Where every Tuesday – I confess.

Confession: I have something important to tell you.

But first – I want to celebrate that this is my 100th True Confession Tuesday!!!

I can hardly believe that I have written a confession for two years straight. But consistency is everything – in your health, your exercise, your business and your personal growth.

It has been my pleasure to write my own experiences and share them with you in hopes that they inspire you in a way or challenge your thinking. I look forward to writing 100, 200, 500 more confessions.

And if you’ve missed any or would like revisit some – head over to my website and poke around. There’s 99 other confessions to read!


Onto the confession of the day. If you read my confession last week it was all about taking a jump. One of my friends asked “Have you made your big jump or do you have more coming?” I laughed because I’m ready to jump again and you never jump once.

I made one of my biggest jumps when I went into owning my own business. But I believe we have to keep jumping if we want to grow, expand, and build.

In the last two years I have made little jumps. For example – shifting my focus to life coaching and out of full time personal training. I also feel like I jump every time I learn a new skill (writing this newsletter, creating a podcast, etc). But I’m ready for another big jump.

I hope you’ll come with me.


Have you ever woken up one day and said “That’s it! That’s THE THING.”


I’ve been searching for my thing. The thing that lights me up inside. The thing that makes me so excited and passionate. And THE THING I can share with the world.

I woke up yesterday and thought – THAT’S IT.

There are so many people suffering in silence. And you might be one of them. I know I was.

  • Worrying and obsessing over every bite of food or food decision
  • Trying every “DIET” out there
  • Becoming increasingly frustrated when nothing seems to work
  • Constantly focusing on all of those “problem areas” of your body
  • Doing a million crunches hoping for a six pack
  • Buying vegetables every week only to end up stopping and buying junk food
  • Watching, reading, listening to ALL the stuff out there about what to do
  • Thinking you’ve missed out on the one thing that will make your body perfect
  • Stressing out when you go out to eat because “This doesn’t fit into my meal plan”
  • Every day trying to figure out what to eat


Or maybe this is you:

  • Thinking that if only I understood how my body works, this would make sense
  • Or wanting to know what’s actually happening in your body
  • Every day thinking “This is so confusing, I don’t want to learn anything”


My next big thing is to help you end these horrible thoughts and educate you on how the body actually works. Easily for 15 years I worried about every thing I ate, every ounce on the scale and the most ironic thing is that I am probably the heaviest (scale weight) I’ve ever been, but I am the happiest and most at peace with my body and how I eat.

I feel like this project is a culmination of not only my personal experience but the last 10 years of professional experience as a personal trainer and my graduate education in counseling.

The first step in this project is my new Facebook GROUP called “Food and Body Freedom”

All are welcome in the group and it’s also important to acknowledge that food and body obsession and shame and confusion is not limited to women – men are affected by this as well. So, if you’re a man and want in, come on over!

You can join HERE.



It is a space where I am going to challenge your current thinking, dispel diet myths, talk about strategies and go LIVE each week.

This group space is also where I’m going to announce when my BIG PROJECT is ready.

This project will be life changing and I’m putting everything from my life and the last decade of my career into it.

Join the group HERE

Thank you for being with me along every “jump” that I’ve taken and I’m sure there will be another one along the way.



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