True Confession Tuesday: Go Jump Off A Cliff

Where (almost) every Tuesday – I confess.

Confession: I think you should jump off a cliff.

Have you ever jumped off a cliff? Or a tall diving board? Or off the side of a building?

It is terrifying, exhilarating, and satisfying all wrapped up into less than a minute of time. And it takes so much courage. But the reward is also so great.


In my experience jumping off a cliff goes a little something like this:


  • The whole mile before the cliff jump pictured above – “I got this”


  • A half a mile away – “OMG – this is the most terrifying thing I have ever done.” 


  • Rounding the corner – “NO NO NO NO NO there it is! It looks worse up close.”


  • Standing behind the cliff – “I can conquer my fears. It’s just one step off the edge, a little bit of flying and potentially a hard landing.”


  • Walking down the platform to the edge – “Don’t look down, don’t look down, just jump.”


  • Standing on the edge pacing back and forth – “What am I doing? Whose stupid idea is this? I can’t back out now. Just do it already. Why can’t my brain tell my body what to do? OK I AM DOING THIS. *Chicken out 5 more times and finally jump*


  • On the way down – “Am I ever going to land? How long is this taking? Where am I? Why am I doing this?


  • Coming up for air – “I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT” and I turn back, look at the cliff and say “HELL YES I JUMPED OFF OF THAT.”


You don’t have to jump off an extremely high REAL cliff but this happens all the time in life. The sad part is we often don’t get past looking down and chickening out. The courage has to come in during that one split second when you decide to trust yourself. Then you’re weightless and you know that you have jumped but you’re not sure when or how you’re going to land.

For years before I finally left my job at the gym I thought to myself “I got this – I should start a business, or get a different job, or jump off a cliff.” But I didn’t. I let fear and uncertainty stop me and prevent the jump. I had all kinds of self doubt about leaving what was comfortable, what I knew, and going somewhere that I wouldn’t know how long it would take to hit the bottom or how hard the hit would be.

It was simply too scary.

Can you relate? Have you spent a lot of time thinking about the jump or walking to the platform only to turn around and walk back off? I’m sure you have even peeked over the edge before and then run screaming away as fast as you could.

But for me jumping off the real cliff and finally jumping off the cliff of leaving my job are extremely similar. I made the decision in a snap second because I finally trusted myself and I also knew that I would (eventually) come up for air. The in between was the unknown but it was and still is quite a ride.

It’s also important to note that every time I jumped off the real cliff my eyes were closed and I even managed to give myself a black eye because I had my nose plugged and my thumb upon impact wedged up into my eye. That my friend is a lot like life. You finally decide to take that big leap, jump off the cliff and yet as you’re going down you’re still trying to protect yourself and end up with a black eye.

The real question becomes – what happens if you don’t jump off the cliff? What if you never feel that weightless free fall feeling? Or the satisfaction of knowing you build up the courage to do it and you actually did it? Or the extreme happiness when you know that you conquered that beast?

So I ask you – What cliff do you want to jump off this year?

  • A job cliff
  • A relationship cliff
  • A money cliff
  • A where you live cliff
  • A healthy life cliff
  • A spiritual cliff

If you’re ready – Here is the recipe for jumping. 

Trust + A healthy dose of fear + One moment of certainty + Keeping your eyes open =

The jump of a lifetime

Let me know – what cliff are you ready to jump off of and take a risk??? Let’s celebrate together – EMAIL ME!

If you happen to need a little *push* or *shove* off the cliff this year – SIGN UP for a call with me and let’s chat about it and see what’s holding you back. This is your year.

Happy Cliff Jumping!

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She has an incredible transformation story that will be sure to inspire you to take a healthy jump this year.

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