True Confession Tuesday: Why Giving Is Selfish (and that’s OK!)

Where (almost) every Tuesday – I confess.

Confession – Selfishly I give because I get so much out of it.

They say you should give with no focus on what you’ll get in return. BUT…..I want to tell you all the amazing benefits I got from our fundraising work outs for Toys for Tots.


Toys for Tots Fundraiser Work Out 2017


  • I made people sweat, groan, and work out (always a bonus)


  • We had a party complete with coffee, treats, holiday sweaters, and a 12 Days of Holidays work out


  • I got to wear a full Santa outfit to lead the work out


  • New people came and experienced the group work out (great business builder)


  • I got to walk into Target and spend $855 on toys 


  • I flexed my super savvy shopper muscle and SAVED $700 which  means the money you donated went almost twice as far


  • I got to explain to the Marines at the drop off that we raised all the money to buy so many toys and see the look on their face


  • I walked around with a huge smile on my face all day yesterday


  • I can’t stop thinking about how happy I am knowing that we bought really nice toys and that kids will be blessed by them this holiday



And they say don’t give and focus on what you’ll get in return. But I disagree. I love feeling that way. I love watching people come together to raise money. I love the energy in the room and the smiles on the faces.

I LOVE shopping and buying all the toys and delivering them.



This season (and all year) I hope you will find time to give of your time, money, energy, or any other way you can. 

I have heard over and over again that even if you feel you do not have the financial resources to give, all of us have time and we have our own unique skills that we can use. I started charity work outs and our big Toys for Tots fundraiser almost a decade ago when I wanted to give money to charities and knew I had all the time in the world and a skill of leading big work outs. Together they have been a match made in heaven.

So tell me – how will you use your:






To do good? And let me tell you – I promise you will get so much in return!



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