Confessions from a Personal Trainer: I never planned to have a dog

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Confession: I never planned to have a dog. I even planned against having a dog.

I wanted a dog. But I didn’t want to have a dog in a small apartment, especially one on the 5th floor. I didn’t want to leave a dog alone all day while I went to work. I didn’t know my new city and where I would take my dog. And the list goes on.

I not only have one dog, but I have two. And it’s all because I trusted my instinct and went with my gut.

The week before my final set of exams my senior year of college, I sat in a meeting. Just as the meeting was about to adjourn, a girl got up and made an announcement.

“A co-worker of mine is giving away her 6 month old black lab puppy. If she can’t get rid of her, she’s taking her to the shelter. Does anyone want a puppy?”

Before I even realized what was happening my arm was straight up in the air and I was the proud new owner of a 6 month old puppy.

And then thoughts started racing through my head.

Oh no, I know nothing about puppies.

I’m so happy I’m going to have a puppy.

Oh crap, I don’t have any food, bed, or anything for a dog.

I can’t wait to have a dog.

Oh no, I don’t have a veterinarian.

I love her already.

Oh crap, what will I do with her while I’m at work?

I am so pumped – I’ve always wanted a dog.


*Before we continue with the story – it’s important to note that my dog’s name was originally PRINCESS. That didn’t last long*
I drove to the woman’s house to pick her up and the woman said “sometimes she’s really scared of strangers.” She opened the garage door and this dog walked straight to my car, I opened the door, she jumped in, and sat straight up in the back seat.

We were meant to be.

And in that transition time of my life moving to Minnesota, starting a brand new job, and finding my way in a new city, Rio:

Was there when I told her about my struggles at work.

She listened to me rant and rave.

She snuggled me when I was happy or sad.

She ran to the door as soon as I got home.

She also destroyed a lot of my belongings, shredded more things than I can count, and when she got a companion 9 months later (Mia) together, the two of them have demolished more than I can even remember. But that doesn’t matter.

Some of the best things in life are unplanned and happen when you trust your instinct and go with your gut. 

Tell me – when in your life have you trusted your instinct and just gone for it? EMAIL ME  – I can’t wait to hear.

I have many more examples of just trusting my instinct – jumping off tall buildings, doing world’s toughest mudder, eating crazy food, and the list goes on and on. What about you??

Stay warm, drink lots of coffee and tea, and I’ll talk to you Friday for “Friday Fun.”


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