Confessions from a Personal Trainer: I hate summer

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Confession: I HATE SUMMER. 

Let me rephrase. I strongly dislike the insane amount of sweating that happen when I simply step outside the door. Or the amount of humidity that you see hovering in the air on a hot summer morning. Or the opposite of sweating – having to take a jacket into a restaurant or movie theatre because it’s so cold with the air conditioning on. There’s always the good one of sweating amongst 10,000 or more of your closest friends at the State Fair.

So on days like today when it’s perfect – 70, sunny, no humidity, no wind I start to dread what I know is coming. How my normal every day walks with the dogs at 3pm will become so short because none of want to be outside. Or I will start to dread how many showers I will have to take in a day. “It’s a 3 shower kind of day.”

I could go on. Maybe the message is that I should live in San Diego where the temperature swings between 50 and 80. Hmmmmm.

But the real message is this. Why spend all the mental energy dreading something that is inevitable? Unless I move, the weather will get hot and sweaty.
So why dread it?

Most things in life center around mindset. What if I started thinking about summer more like this…….

  • What a great opportunity to get up early and take the dogs for a morning walk.
  • I could start doing some outdoor swimming as part of my training.
  • I love ice cream  – and there is no better excuse to eat ice cream than a 90+ degree day.
  • I am SO GRATEFUL I have air conditioning.
  • What a great opportunity to grill, play lawn games, and be with friends.
  • Thank goodness I don’t live in Las Vegas or Phoenix where it’s 120 degree every day. (And yes I have been there in the summer. Even with dry heat, IT IS INSUFFERABLY HOT).
  • I could use the summer heat to start cooking fresh veggies, salads, and cool foods.

So often, we focus on the negatives of every situation. Or we feel trapped because of the negatives. Our brains are simply wired to do that.

But what if, every time you found yourself thinking a negative thought, you stopped, and switched your point of view?

What would happen?

Give it a try and let me know what actually happens.

I will be spending a lot of time eating ice cream this summer!!!! 🙂


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