Confessions from a Personal Trainer: My Fit Bit and I are on a trial separation

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Confession: I think my Fit Bit and I are on a trial separation. We haven’t been together in weeks. This is the longest we’ve been apart.

I got my Fit Bit 3 years ago and we started our relationship on January 1st 2013. Since then we have had many wonderful adventures, some low points, and an overall amazing relationship.

Our relationship began because these new gadgets came out and I thought “I would like to see how many steps I take in a day. I’m a fit, active person. I’ve got this!!”

Remember how I said we started our relationship on Jan 1st? I learned a few things that first winter month. I was LAZY. And apparently I am not alone. A portion of the population who work out had been shown to actually get fewer steps per day than some people who do not work out. (I scoured for the article I read long ago and couldn’t find it so forgive me here). So basically I fell into that group. I did my hour long work out per day and called it good. Sat at home, sat at work, you see the pattern.

Well my fit bit and I got to work. We parked far away from the store, we went for extra walks with the dogs, we went up and down the stairs at the house for extra steps and damn it – we got 10,000 steps a day – EVERY DAY!!!

The other unique and great part about having a Fit Bit was competing with your friends. Once you logged your steps on your phone or computer, you could see where you ranked. I’m a slightly competitive person – so I liked that.

Then the moment happened. I went all day and then realized – MY BATTERY WAS DEAD. Like the little girl in the picture…..there is no point!! Is it even worth moving???

My fit bit and I had some amazing moments. In Las Vegas I hit my first 50,000 step day. But I did not achieve this without running (yes running) up and down a back hallway in a casino before the day was over to get the steps in. I made it and it was so gratifying.

Or the time recently while on a big training day for World’s Toughest Mudder we hit over 86,000 in one day and over 100,000 in a 24 hour time period. That was awesome.

And then there’s the badges – a ruby slipper badge and so many more. Fit Bit really has this thing figured out. I was so motivated by badges, numbers, and seeing where I ranked amongst friends.

So what happened you ask? I think we just grew apart.

The thing about any tracking device whether it’s for movement, heart rate, or eating is that they are not designed for you to use them forever. You use them to change your behavior. Here’s some of the things that have change in my life.

  • I really do park far away from a store or an entrance and I’m ok with walking.

  • I walk up the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator.

  • I walk the dogs more than twice a day if I can or take them on a longer walk.

  • I get up and move around more when I’m home.

  • In the winter I become lazy.

As winter is upon us, I am going to fire up a new battery into my fit bit and re-establish our relationship because I have learned over the last few years that I need that reinforcement to keep moving and not be sedentary.

Tell me – do you use a tracking device?? What have you learned?? Email me and let me know.

Part of me is a little sad that I won’t have a truly accurate yearly step count this year.

Get moving and keep your body active,


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