Confessions from a Personal Trainer: I have a standing date with the sauna every Tuesday night

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Confession: I have a standing evening date with the sauna every Tuesday.

There are some minor exceptions to this, but 90% of the time this is true.

I would love to write this whole email about the benefits of the sauna, but I really want to talk about setting time boundaries for yourself. *The benefits of the sauna and some resources will be at the bottom of this email.

I started doing the sauna very sporadically, but I knew it was good for me, and I knew I felt good when I did it. But who really has time to go sit in a hot box and sweat? Ultimately, I was simply creating an excuse and I wasn’t dedicating the time to doing something I knew made me feel healthy and great.

So I looked at my week and tried to figure out when it was the most convenient, when it would fit in, and when could I 90% of the time keep it consistent? This happened to be Tuesday’s after my strength workout. This work out is very regular for me (well, except today when I skipped the work out, but still did the sauna!). So I knew I wouldn’t have to make a separate trip to the gym just for the sauna.

And the bottom line is – I protect that time. I needed to meet a friend tonight and I could have done it earlier, but i knew I was going to sauna. I protect that time. I feel great when I finish the sauna.

This applies to another part of my life which is food prep. I have made a decision that having healthy food is very important to me. I need to prep it, have it in the fridge ready to go. Most of this prep is done on Sunday evenings. There are SO many times when I could skip it, I don’t feel like it, or something else comes up. But I would say that again 90% of the time, I can make it happen. It is important to me.

So, I ask you – what is something that is important to you that you aren’t doing because you are making excuses or you just simply haven’t decided to do it? I would love to know. Email me and share your story –

And it’s not always easy – there will always be a million things vying for your time, your energy, your focus, and on and on and on. But decide that you are worth it and share with others what you are doing.

P.S. don’t ask me to do something between 5:30-6pm on Tuesday nights – that’s when I sauna!

Have an amazing week dedicating some time for something that you know will make you feel good, healthy, and happy.


I sauna for these reasons:

  • Detox – I am a firm believer that we are exposed to so many toxins in our daily life and our bodies need a little assistance in getting them out.
  • Slowing down – I am forced to slow down my breathing and relax.
  • My skin feels so exfoliated and soft when I’m done.

Check out this great article *it’s a little more scienc-y*

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