Confessions from a Personal Trainer: I love Las Vegas

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Confession: I love, love, love Las Vegas. 

Most people are surprised when I say this because I don’t drink, gamble, like crowds, or even like staying up late.

But I LOVE Vegas.

I love the energy, the food, the different people, the food, how you can walk EVERYWHERE, the shows, the weather, the food, and some of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in.

And for me – what happens in Vegas – always comes home because it’s a great story.

The first time I went to Vegas was in 2010 (?). When I moved here in 2006 the Minnesotans told me “you will have to go somewhere warm in the winter if you want to survive.” To which I responded “I’m from Iowa – I can handle cold and snow.”

But after 4 years, and the LONG terrible winter of 2010 – I decided they were right. It was time to take a vacation. But I also had a few revelations.

  • I used to think I wasn’t spontaneous – that I had to have things all planned out and everything had to be in order. So why would I take a spontaneous vacation?
  • I had paranoia that if I took a vacation and another trainer taught my class that my clients would like them better (major insecurity!).
  • I thought travel was more expensive than I could handle.
  • I liked routine a lot – planning a vacation short notice seemed hard.

But when I boarded that plane with my best friend and we left the -20 degree (no joke) temperatures of Minnesota and touched down in bright, shiny Las Vegas (65 degrees) I realized it was going to be awesome!

I was spontaneous and able to go on a vacation and let loose and have fun. We stayed in a cheap hotel, ate on a budget, walked everywhere and the vacation wasn’t a stress on the budget. And forget routine – we were in Las Vegas!! Where there are no clocks, tons of artificial light, and no way to tell what time or day it is.

And when I got back – my clients were even happier to see me and couldn’t wait to hear about my fun trip. Phew! 🙂

I have since been on a vacation every year in the winter – and it sure does help with the sanity. But I have also been back to Vegas 4 more times and will return this November to participate in Worlds Toughest Mudder – a 24 hour event. Pretty cool that the most challenging event in my life so far takes place in a city that holds a cool place in my soul.

Some of my favorite highlights of Vegas include:

  • All the shows – Cirque and others
  • Flight lining (it’s like zip lining) in the canyons outside of Vegas
  • Running a half marathon at night on the strip (twice)
  • Walking my first 50,000 step day on my Fit Bit (and running up and down stairs in New York New York before a show to make sure I did it)
  • Buying/eating a buffet pass for 24 hours
  • Seeing Macklemore perform before the half marathon
  • Going to the New Kids on the Block concert
  • JUMPING off the Stratosphere (twice!)
  • And one of my all time favorites – winning a scavenger hunt between four friends because I took a VIDEO with a street performer. And I’m sorry to say that I just spent the last 40 minutes trying to get it to upload here and no luck. Maybe some day it will appear.
  • So, so, so many more.

But if you go to Vegas – and you like getting up early – make sure to play the game “have they been to bed yet or not?”

I want to know – is there a city that taught you a lesson? A place you love to go? Email me here – I love hearing your stories.

Have a great week – plan a spontaneous vacation – even if it’s somewhere close by.


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