Confessions from a Personal Trainer: I was speechless and inspired by the Iron Cowboy

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Confession: I was speechless and inspired.

Not often does someone come passing through your life that doesn’t leave your thoughts because you have been so inspired.

Do you remember the email called “Iron Cowboy” that I wrote awhile back and we held a charity work out in honor of? Let me remind you of the story.

James Lawrence set out to do 50 Ironmans in 50 States in 50 Days. In case you haven’t done an Ironman (Me!) or aren’t familiar – here are the distances. 2.4 mile Swim, 112 Mile Bike, and 26.2 (marathon distance) mile run IN ONE DAY.

This man is doing that EVERY DAY FOR 50 DAYS.

Some say it’s crazy.

Some say it isn’t healthy.

Some say it isn’t human.

Some say he won’t make it.

Some say…..some say…….some say……

But I say, he is so inspiring. And not because of what he is accomplishing physically. He is inspiring because he is out there crusading for childhood obesity – for the generation that will die before their parents. For the generation that is growing up with fast food for every meal, processed food in their cupboards, and horrible targeted advertising everywhere they turn.

I went out to the 5k that is hosted in every state as part of his marathon. I got chills watching him run in with a pack of people, some who had been there all day with him, swimming, biking, and running. And let me tell you – HE IS EXHAUSTED. And he’s the first to say it. (I’m still working on downloading the video I took of his speech).

The passion and conviction in his voice when he talked about why he is out there – to set an example, to voice about childhood obesity and to raise awareness. It really made me think. Not just about his crazy feat, not just about childhood obesity, but about setting goals and really reaching.


Remember that.

Be Inspired.



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