Individual personal training

Took a long break ……

Big mistake.

After a 3 year hiatus from working out and eating right I had a wakeup call one day a few months ago. A picture was emailed to me from a friend. The picture was of a group of us from a neighborhood gathering. I did not like what I saw, at all. Where did that cute young thin thing wearing the size 28 jeans go?

Having worked with Lindsey years ago in a group fitness atmosphere, I emailed her the next morning and asked if she could meet with me. She made time in her schedule that very day. I immediately felt comfortable talking with her again and decided then and there that this is where my life changes. I had a few injuries (shoulder and ankle) in the last year so she had me come in the next day to evaluate what modifications needed to be made while exercising as to not injure myself again.   My husband has been a client of Lindsey’s for the past 7+ years so I talked him into doing group circuit training with me twice a week and we take advantage of her popular weekend park workouts that she offers a few times a month. Lindsey has also worked with our pre-teen and teen age daughters this past summer when she offered a class/camp geared to their age group. Our kids enjoyed the class so much they join us when weekend workouts are offered.

All of this in combination with eating right and cardio workouts on the days not doing Lindsey’s classes is changing me and my life for the better. Not just physically better, but mentally as well. I had forgotten how good it feels when you are consistently working out, eating right and getting enough rest.

Lindsey is fantastic in so many ways. She can connect with teens, women and men of all ages to get a successful workout. Her knowledge of nutrition is a great resource and it is always helpful. Lindsey doesn’t just follow a standard script; she makes working out fun and challenging. You never know exactly what she has in store that day which makes you want to go and find out.

– Rachel, Golden Valley

Working with Lindsey as a personal trainer has many benefits.  During the hour with Lindsey, she is focused entirely on you.  This assures correct bodily alignment which not only protects against injury   but also truly builds strength.  All the muscle groups are exercised in a healthy sequence. The session, which is structured for  your age,  ability and energy level on a given day,  includes cardio, weight and balance exercises during which Lindsey will  always challenge you to do just a little more.

On a personal level while a stronger body was my goal, I have found that the greatest benefit is the mental growth that happens when you spend one on one time with Lindsey.  Her positive energy is infectious. She is an excellent trainer and an insightful coach.  She has enabled me to discover my strengths and abilities and to find the courage to pursue them both in the gym and in life.

- Ellen B, Plymouth MN

Lindsey facilitated a 6:00 a.m. group workout class that I attended for several years. From the beginning of the class, Lindsey’s enthusiasm, motivation, and knowledge of physiology was over the top. Through the course of several years, Lindsey helped teach me several things about my health, my physical fitness, and my nutrition. She did this in a fun and engaging way that made it interesting, very informative, and really helped change how I looked at exercise and nutrition.

Lindsey is really good at pushing you, but in a gentle way that keeps you motivated and moving forward, but is not overbearing. My only regret in working with Lindsey is that she left Lifetime to start her own venture. While I am thrilled for Lindsey and her new beginning, I am truly sad for our class (and myself).

It is without hesitation that I would refer a friend to Lindsey for personal training. She keeps the training lively, fun, and engaging. She's the best!

– Mike, St. Louis Park, MN

I have been working with Lindsey on and off for almost 10 years in individual sessions as well as group workouts.  She is always positive, always willing to listen, knows a ton about nutrition and I always get a good workout.  I love the fact that if I have an ache or pain, she will always provide an alternative that doesn’t hurt my knee or shoulder or whatever body part wants a break that week.  In group sessions, she manages to make sure everyone is in form and working to their fullest potential and is always encouraging in her mellow way.  We have a great time and a great workout inside or outside, big group or small group.  I really like the vibe in her new location at Relative Strength…it makes personal training very accessible for everyone.

– Kate, Minnetonka

Group personal training

Lindsey's group training helped me lose- and keep off!- more than ten pounds. I didn't lose a single pound the first couple of months; Lindsey's training is about making sustainable life commitments, not just in the gym but also away from it. I feel great, and am stronger, faster and more fit than ever. She provides a group training environment that encourages relationship building, which I believe is one of the keys to her training, and my success. It allows the group to benefit not only from the training, nutritional advice and general support from Lindsey herself (which is excellent!), but from the other members of the group as well. Not only do I look and feel the best I have in years, I have new friends and we help each other stick with the fitness and nutritional changes we've made together. I can't recommend her group training enough.

– Julianne, St. Louis Park, MN

I found Lindsey’s group fitness class in 2012 and right away I was hooked! She was so encouraging and fun that I actually wanted to come to the gym and work hard for an hour. The three times a week I came to the gym for the group fitness class and it was always different. One day we worked with strength and she was so knowledgeable about how much weight to lift and the different exercises we would do. I always felt encouraged and comfortable and Lindsey would talk about nutrition and health and things that we could take away from the one hour group fitness class to use and are real life. In addition, I never thought that my mom would ever want to work out, or ever want to eat healthy, or ever not have pain in her body that she has had her whole life, but after she started working with Lindsey she's lost 20 pounds doesn't have back pain and has a great outlook on her future life! Overall, Lindsay has really changed my life and my family’s life as well so that we can live a long life together. Thank you Lindsey

- Elaine Henningsgaard


Individual coaching

I started life coaching with Lindsey nearly 4 years ago. At age 23, I was dealing with the diagnosis of my father's Alzheimer's, battling and embracing my 20-something years, and searching for the work that made my heart sing. Through sessions that inspired action and resources that empowered me to be a better me, I have dedicated over 4 years to life coaching with Lindsey. I can say every amount of my money, time and energy was worth it. I'm focused on the silver lining of Alzheimer's and living joyfully, I have a better sense of self as I enter my "late twenties" and am about to start my 2nd "real adult job" and over the moon excited for this next adventure. Lindsey is a dedicated, kind, and hard working individual, who genuinely wants to see you succeed. Will you join her?

- Sara, Minneapolis