A Strength Training Podcast – an Interview With Ellen Boschwitz about Strength Training As You Age

This is a fun strength training and more podcast. I interview my long time client Ellen Boschwitz about her her life, her journey into strength training and our relationship through the years.

She just turned 87!!!! and is still doing her strength training, yoga, and staying fit and active through daily life activities.

It hasn't always been that way. Ellen was always an active person and did skiing and other lifestyle fitness activities but realized as she was getting older that she wanted to become stronger.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Cover Photo - Interview with Ellen Boschwitz

In this strength training focused episode with Ellen, we talk about:

  • Why she started strength training (and I reminded her of her original goal when we started working together)
  • How her strength training has adapted throughout the years
  • Why she started practicing yoga
  • How her husband's fitness helped immensely when faced with a health scare (in his 90's)
  • What she wants younger people to know about staying active
  • and so much more

Ellen and I have a special relationship as she has taught me so much about life and aging.  We talk about it a lot - how life changes as you grow older. And your mindset needs to also adapt and change.

She's not able to do as much as she did 15 years ago, but it's all about showing up consistently for yourself. We talk a lot about her friends who have become physically impaired and unable to do life without assistance as well as her friends who have died from health complications.

I believe you will find her story inspiring (like I do) and get you thinking about your health and fitness from a long term perspective.

Listen to the episode below:

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