Interview With Stephanie Fowler – Owning a Gym During a Pandemic

Stephanie Fowler joins the podcast conversation again to talk about owning a gym during a pandemic and her experience in the last few months. We talk candidly about our own experiences working with clients and what has been going on the last few months


In This Episode We Talk About:


  • Owning and operating a gym during a pandemic
  • Our own personal experiences and those of our clients during the last few months
  • How the future looks in the fitness world
  • And so much more



Stephanie Fowler - Owning a Gym During a Pandemic



About Stephanie:

From young girl battling childhood obesity, to nasty woman owning a gym. Okie native, coach, weightlifter, kettlebell swinger, entrepreneur, coffee drinker, dog lover, book reader, apron collector & frequent traveler. Sundays are reserved for mimosas + brunch.


Contact Stephanie:






Lindsey Heiserman Coaching


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