Move More Than Their Muscle

As a personal trainer or fitness/wellness professional, are you only focused on a strength or cardio training program for your clients?

If you are, you're likely leaving huge gaps with your client which may lead to them quitting. You're also missing a HUGE opportunity for business growth and long-term client retention.

As a personal training manager, are you teaching your personal trainers and fitness/wellness professionals how to work with their clients as whole humans and not just how to prescribe exercise recommendations?


The fitness and wellness industry does not teach or train professionals how to incorporate life and behavior coaching into their work with clients. Fitness and wellness professionals are taught to be entirely focused on teaching programming, technique, progression and cardio recommendations.


And before you say......"but I talk to my clients about nutrition, water and stress!" ask yourself I want you to ask yourself if you feel equipped the skills and tools to deal with their answers and create a path for them to ensure their success.


Chances are, you could shore up those skills and tools, and we'll do it in this session.

In this talk, attendees will learn how to:


  • Identify which 3 areas of a client's life are the most important to focus on and create plans around to ensure success with movement.
  • Ask better, more effective, and more impactful questions in order to help clients move forward.
  • Use 3 simple life coaching assessments/tools that will help you, the professional, be more well-rounded and therefore ensure higher likelihood of client success.
  • Feel more comfortable talking to your clients about their whole lives.
  • Bring out your humanness to help clients without oversharing.

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