Go For a Walk in Your Pajamas - Shift Expectations and Break Barriers to Create a Greater Result in Work, Life and Health

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the things in your life? Work, relationships, health, fun (you are having fun, right?), and all the daily details.

There’s a possibility that you're setting the expectation bar too high and trying to achieve too many things all at once. 


Two of the major barriers to results?

Setting expectations way too high and actually getting started. 


In this talk, I share how “Going for a Walk in Your Pajamas” may just be the motto you need to take yourself from overwhelmed, past the starting gates and towards your goals. 


You've also been sold a very traditional way of goal setting (SMART - anyone?) and although it has a time and a place, it often sets off the overwhelm alarms and people stop before they even get started.  In order to work towards our goals (professional, home, relationships, health) we must understand how to actually start and make progress.

In this talk, attendees will:


  • Discover the intersection of lower expectations and happiness
  • Learn how traditional goal setting fails us, increases our overwhelm, and what to do instead
  • Know how to shift expectations (not standards)
  • Identify common and consistent barriers that get in their way
  • Create their own "Go for a Walk in Your Pajamas" plan to achieve greater results
  • Know how to apply these principles in their daily life


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