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Shulamit is the Entrepreneur’s Therapist. She helps women-identified entrepreneurs uplift their mindset and pilot their emotions so they can overcome the anxiety and isolation of running a business, using both coaching and therapeutic tools. Shulamit has been an entrepreneur for over 27 years and has over 20 years of professional experience supporting women's mental health and personal growth. As a licensed trauma therapist, retired Yoga teacher, trauma survivor and award-winning entrepreneur, Shula brings a unique perspective and approach to supporting women in business. She has spoken locally, nationally and internationally, and has been a guest on podcasts including What Works, Small Business Boss, Fearless, The Biz Podcast, and many others.

5 Things She Loves About Business

  • Independence
  • Independence
  • Independence
  • Independence
  • Independence
  • But seriously lol. I love the independence the most, and the things that follow from that are freedom, flexibility, fun and creativity.

Get to Know Shulamit

  • I love feminist speculative fiction (aka sci-fi) but NOT fantasy (yuck).
  • I love the modern form of the romance genre--it's a lot of fun.
  • I've practiced Yoga since I was 7 when I first practiced along with a TV show after being in bed for a long time with Scarlet Fever.
  • I'm an enthusiastic new knitter and my fave thing is to sit outside, knitting and listening to a modern romance novel audiobook.
  • I sang in a barbershop choir.

5 Things She Does NOT Like About Business

"What do you wish you would have known before starting a business?"

There's nothing I wish I knew, but I sure wish I'd had a biz bestie from the start.

Resources From Shulamit

I am a myth buster. I write about women, entrepreneurship, mental health and spirituality but with a critical view. For helpful tips and guidance that meets you where you are, sign up for my newsletter:

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