Interview With Shannon Mulcahy – Sports Psychology and The Ties to Every Day Life

You might think of sports psychology as a field that only pertains to, well, athletes. And those competing in competitions and sports. I think you’ll be surprised to hear that most of the techniques used with athletes to better their performance, are applicable to all of us in every day life.

I talked with Shannon Mulcahy, a mental performance consultant, about so many things and many of them can be useful today, in the uncertain world we are in.


In This Episode We Talk About:


  • Her personal story being a competitive swimmer experiencing anxiety
  • What sports psychology is and how she found it as a career
  • The difference between anxiety and nerves
  • How taking time to breath is an underused method
  • How positive self talk could be one of the most useful tools for all of us
  • How to maintain motivation during uncertain times
  • The importance of rest
  • And so much more



Shannon Mulcahy Interview



About Shannon:

Shannon Mulcahy is a mental performance consultant who specializes in working with female endurance athletes. Prior to starting her own business she worked with soldiers in the United States Army as a resilience trainer. Shannon has an extensive background as an athlete herself, having completed two ironman triathlons in addition to numerous open water swim races, cyclocross races, and shorter distance triathlons. She combines her experience as an athlete with her training in sport psychology to help athletes reach their potential in sport and in life. Shannon received her Master’s in sport and exercise psychology from Temple University and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.


Fun Facts About Shannon:

  • Shannon has a slight obsession with reading.
  • She swam competitively for 10 years.
  • She thinks of sport psychology like a puzzle and is always trying to figure out the best approach for each individual.
  • When she is not working or reading you can find her outside biking or running.



Contact Shannon:





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  1. Kelly sanches on May 11, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    Really enjoyed this podcast! Learned a lot, thank you!

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