Interview With Sara Kettering: Death of A Parent

Death of a parent. What to do when a parent dies? What to do when a parent is going to die and you’re only 23 years old? How to handle the prolonged grief? How to live your life as a young 20 something with a dying parent?

I am so honored and excited to share my conversation with Sara Kettering about death, grief, and loss. She was one of my very first life coaching clients and I was on the journey with her and it has been an honor to watch her evolve and I know you will learn so much from her experience.

We will all experience death at some point in our life. As she says “none of us are getting out of this alive.” It’s so true.


In This Episode We Talk About:


  • Grief and loss
  • Life coaching and therapy as tools
  • Death of a parent
  • Family dynamics
  • Creating boundaries and decisions



Sara Kettering: When a Parent Dies



About Sara:

Sara Kettering was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN and is a graduate of Minneapolis Public Schools with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Sara received her Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Social Justice from the University of Minnesota and is currently seeking a Master of Public Health in Community Health Promotion at the University of Minnesota. Before returning to higher education, Sara spent eight years working in non-profit executive governance and management working for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and Greater Twin Cities United Way. Sara was inspired to pursue a career in public health with a focus on health and dignified aging because of her lived experience caring for her father with early onset Alzheimer’s. Sara believes each person deserves to age with dignity, joy and grace, and hopes to help all people obtain that reality.

Fun Facts About Sara:

  • Sara has lived in Minneapolis her whole life
  • She was a competitive figure skater growing up
  • She’s a Taurus
  • She has realized her own dream of having a “Cheers” bar in her neighborhood
  • She studied peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland





Contact Sara:


Twitter: @sarakettering




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