Episode 109 – Sarah Von Bargen – Money, Happiness, Debt and Budgets

Money. Does the thought of money stress you out? Does it make you happy? Does it worry or excite you? So many emotions are wrapped up and intertwined with money. Sarah Von Bargen is on the show to share with us her experience of paying off $50,000 of school debt and traveling the world but she’s also going to share how she turned that experience into her work.

Sarah and I talk about so many things:

  • We tackle why we have the feelings we do about money
  • How to face our fears related to our money situation
  • What does a budget mean to her?
  • How did she pay off those loans?
  • She shares simple steps to take to get started
  • She gives us permission to face the facts, take charge of our situation and create a better life


Money, happiness, debt and budgets.


About Sarah

Sarah Von Bargen is a writer and teacher who helps people spend less and earn more without deprivation or shame. She has been to 35 countries, paid off $50,000 of school debt five years ahead of time, wrote a paper about Dolly Parton as part of my Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, and once worked out with Richard Simmons. She is also part of the 2% of the population that has naturally red hair.




How To Stop Buying Shit You Don’t Need

Go grab Sarah’s amazing resource  – Stop Buying Shit You Don’t Need – Sarah Von Bargen.


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Money & Happy Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/moneyandhappy/

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