This year is a wild ride that no one could have predicted. I'm sure you've had to change and adapt your business. You likely had to start doing online sessions and classes. Your gym or wellness studio was closed (maybe is still closed). If you have reopened, everything is different. You are used to doing body work in person and are confused how to move forward with clients.


So now what? How do you plan for the rest of 2020 and beyond?

Join us for this interactive masterclass that will help you:


  • Assess your current business
  • Build a 2020 proof plan to increase revenue
  • Identify your strengths that you aren't utilizing
  • Diversify your income streams
  • Prepare for the uncertain future
  • Know how to serve your clients at the highest level


But wait..........


Have you ever gone to a training and then done NOTHING with the information?? You learned but you didn't take any action. Sound familiar?


This masterclass also includes a 45 minute 1-1 coaching session with me so that you can take what you learned and ACTUALLY put them into action in your life. 

This combination of an interactive masterclass and individual session will set you up for success in 2020 and beyond. It can feel scary and intimidating to grow a business right now but it doesn't have to.


There is massive opportunity out there for you to grow your business, make more money and have a big impact on the lives and wellbeing of others.

JULY 30th 12:00 - 2:00 (CST)

All 1-1 sessions will be completed between August 1 - 20th.


The masterclass will be recorded if you can't make that time, but it is required that you watch the recording and do the activities before your 1-1 session to maximize your benefit.


*Sound like what you need for your business? Grab your spot below.*

Reimagine Your Wellness Business Masterclass

Unsure if this is a good fit for you?

Are you?

  • Feeling worried about the future of your business?
  • Unsettled, stuck, and confused about how to proceed?
  • Looking for clients?
  • Needing to make money?


The real honest goal of this masterclass and coaching session is for you to take action, get clients and make money. That's the goal.


You will leave with a plan that works for you and is not cookie cutter. You'll feel good about it and therefore, motivated to take action and get results.


HI! I'm Lindsey - and I can't wait to see your business GROW. I've been a personal trainer and life coach for over 14 years and I know that building a business can be frustrating and lonely.

We know how to help others and have a passion for it, but it's hard to help others if you don't charge and create your business.

I believe you can build the business you desire,  make money and have an impact.