Real Life Wellness - Employee Wellness for the Workplace and the Whole Human

Offering a lunch and learn isn’t going to cut it. 


It’s no secret that leading a healthy life creates a happier work place with more engaged employees and ultimately a better work result. What many employers fail to do is truly support their employees on all levels (not just during work hours). 


Again, the answer is not one single lunch and learn. 


Information is nothing without ACTION. And action happens with COACHING.


People are really struggling right now. The world, COVID, racial injustice, health care, families, partners, kids, working from home, exercise, healthy eating, income, job security. 


It’s a LOT.


It’s an almost impossible task to ask your employees to be present and productive at work, manage their lives, families and kids (especially during COVID) and hope they are keeping themselves healthy.


Something always gives. And we all know what thing is.


Health, happiness, work productivity and job satisfaction.


Real Life Wellness - employee wellness for the workplace and the whole human.


Real healthy humans are possible. Wouldn’t it be so incredible to have productive, happy, and healthy humans at work?? 


With my 15 years as a personal trainer, a master's degree in psychotherapy and years as a professional life coach, we are digging in. I don’t side step any of the hard stuff and I look at the whole person.



How does it work? 


  • Once per month group session on an identified topic – 1.5 hours lunchtime. These sessions are interactive. It’s not a “come, listen and check email at the same time session.” I promise you it will be fun and impactful. The topics will be driven by the needs of the employees.


  • Bi-Weekly check-in. Participants can choose what works best for them: audio coaching (via Voxer), email or a mini 20 min session.


  • Optional additional one-on-one coaching sessions with Lindsey at a discounted rate.


This program is for you and your workplace if:


  • You care about employee wellness and recognize the impact is has for your company


  • You see this as a long term investment for the growth of your company


  • You put humans and their wellbeing first


  • You understand the importance of supporting the whole person



Investment - $2,000/month (3 month commitment) for up to 15 employees.

Interested in learning more and signing up?


Curious about my philosophies of wellness and framework for change?

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

It starts with the 3 M's.


Mind - goals, achievements, requirements, tasks, mental and emotional stress.


Muscle - the physical part of wellness, exercise, movement, diet, physical bodies.


Movement - how to create movement in our life towards our goals and especially in this case - being the best version of ourselves at work and outside of work. Also productivity and job satisfaction.


Without the first 2 components, it’s really hard to accomplish the 3rd.


In most workplaces, the expectations start from the bottom. Employers ask for more productivity, employees to get more done, and have deadlines and expectations.


However, most employees are coming to work with the mind and muscle weighing heavily on them because it’s a struggle to figure it all out.


It is possible. 


Lindsey Heiserman Coaching