I Raised My Prices and Here’s What Happened

It is never just "raise your prices" when it comes to pricing your services. There are the fundamentals: experience, education, energy expenditure, time, etc that factor into the price.

And there is emotion. For some - there's more emotion than others and that has always been the case for me. I am deeply emotionally tied to my business and my services - and the price.

In December, one of my clients said to me "I'm not paying you enough and you've never raised your prices."


This podcast is all about what happened next.

In this episode I discuss:

  • My thought process about raising my prices
  • How I communicated with my clients
  • What happened after (did I lose clients?)
  • The emotions I felt about it during and after
Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Season 3, Episode 7 "I Raised My Prices and Here's What Happened"

I also reference the Episode 3 - Why “Charging What You’re Worth” is Problematic and What to Do Instead as a great listen to add to this one.

Find it HERE



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