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Episode 58 – Interview with Sarah Schoback “Ninja of the North”

What a conversation! This week I talked with Sarah Schoback "Ninja of the North." She was highlighted on the Kansas City Finals episode of American Ninja Warrior.

In this conversation we discussed:

  • What sparked her interest in ninja training
  • How that transformed into opening up her own ninja gym
  • What it's like raising two strong, ninja girls in this world
  • What it's actually like stepping up to the course and being on TV
  • So much more

This conversation could have gone on forever and I will have to bring Sarah back again.

If you did not catch the Kansas City Finals episode you can find it HERE.

Find out more about Sarah in this Kare 11 interview. 


Instagram: @obstacleacademy @ninjaofthenorth

Twitter: @ObstacleAcadMN, @Sarah_Schoback

Facebook: Obstacle AcademySarah Ninja of the North Schoback

Episode 57 – Interview with Roo Yori

Dogs and Ninja - two of my favorite things to talk about.

In this interview Roo and I discuss:

  • His passion and advocacy for all dogs
  • His involvement in the Michael Vick dog case
  • Hector
  • Wallace
  • Training for American Ninja Warrior
  • What it's actually like to compete on the show
  • Wolfpack Ninja Tour
  • and so much more

Roo Yori is a 2 time ANW competitor, a 1 time Vegas Finalist, and a member of the Wolfpack Ninja Pro Team. He uses the ninja platform to bring awareness to dogs in need of homes, regardless of what they happen to look like.

Wallace and Roo - the book - FIND IT HERE

You can find Roo:




Episode 56 – Interview with Teri Smith

It's another NINJA episode.

In this episode with Teri we discuss:

  • How she got into ninja training (over the age of 40)
  • How she incorporates rest and recovery to perform better
  • Why did she 500 pull ups in 1 month
  • Why fear is our biggest obstacle in life

Teri has been involved with sports and athletics her entire life, so the health and wellness industry was a natural fit. Teri began her journey in the fitness industry over 15 years ago. Her specialities are Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling, a long time trainer in both disciplines and one of two certified YBR practitioners in Minnesota.

Teri brings passion, compassion and personal attention to her teaching. She drives to create balance in her clients' programs and believes without balance one can not achieve a heatlhy mind, body and spirit.

Teri has her Bachelors of Science in Pyschology and her Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration/Counseling. In her spare time she enjoys doing anything outdoors where she can spend time with her husband and two beautiful pups, Yama Mitsu (Mountain Shine) and Kohana Kawaii (Pretty Little Flower), photography, hiking, camping, biking and skiing. Here is to living happy, heathy and to the fullest!



Twitter: terismith@teritraining

Instagram: terismithtraining

Pinterest: teripilatesmore

Email: teri.pilates.more@gmail.com

Episode 55 – Interview with MB Horton

Do you ever meet someone that just speaks to your soul and makes you smile?

Meet my new friend MB. You're going to love her.

A daughter with Down Syndrome, leukemia, her own MS diagnosis, gastric bypass surgery, weight loss, fitness and health, broken back, surgeries, and more.

This incredible woman inspires us to take personal responsibility for our own happiness and to share love with everyone we meet.


This episode is guaranteed to make you smile and inspire you to action.

MB is the first person in my NINJA series - stay tuned for the next few weeks to hear from more ninjas.

CLICK HERE to watch us singing Happy Birthday to MB ( I hope the link works).

Episode 54 – Interview with Stephanie Fowler

In this interview with Stephanie Fowler we learn about her gym (em)POWERHOUSE gym, her struggles as an obese teen and her vision of the future.

My mission with (em)POWERHOUSE is to facilitate a workout environment that continues to push our tribe members to strive for growth in not only fitness, but all areas of their lives, too. I am beyond grateful to the (em)POWERHOUSE training staff and our entire (em)POWERHOUSE family. I watch behind the scenes as our tribe members give warm welcomes to new members and visitors. This is a team, and I’m humbled to be their coach.

My struggles as an obese teenager have given me the drive to succeed in operating this facility. I want to help people. No strings attached. Healthy is achievable for every individual, and my teenage self is proof of that. I am a student at heart and will continue to evolve and learn as much as I can to bring back to my tribe. A few other things about me – I talk about my dogs to anyone that will listen, I’m partial to patio-sitting, I have a stupid obsession with almond butter and tank tops (and tank tops that talk about almond butter), I love swinging kettlebells, and I REALLY love picking heavy things up off of the ground.

You can find Stephanie and (em)POWERHOUESE Gym at:









Episode 53 – Taking a Creative Break

Someone asked me once “do you ever have trouble thinking of things to write for your blog?” I replied “Not yet, but I’m sure it will happen.”

Tune in to find out what happens when the universe gives you signs to take a creative break.


Episode 52: What is Age?

I hear things like this a lot. 

  • I'm too old
  • I can't do that at my age
  • That's scary
  • That's not for me
  • I'll get hurt
  • There's no way I can do that
  • I'm too old
  • I can't do that

And it breaks my heart. 

Read more on the BLOG.

Episode 51: Tales From the Past

In this episode we take a stroll down memory lane into a blog I started in 2012.

Find the links to all of the blogs I reference in this episode by clicking HERE.

The first blog I wrote – “STUCK”

Episode 50: Taking The Next Big Jump

This episode is one of the most important ones I have done.

Have you taken a big JUMP??

Have you felt beat up by the jump??

Make sure to read the blog from last week for all the details on JUMPING. 

This podcast episode also includes my passion project, how it came to be, what that means for you, and my invitation specifically for YOU!

You can read it on the blog HERE.


Episode 49: Interview with Amy Kuretsky

In this interview Amy and I discuss:

The difference between health care (what's your baseline to feel good) and self-care (what you can do that brings you to an even higher level of mind/body/spirit health).

Going "beyond the bathtub" in our self-care routines.

Seasons of hustle and seasons of flow in both business + health.


Harnessing your menstrual cycle

and MORE


Amy Kuretsky is a health coach and acupuncturist working in Minneapolis, MN. Her passion is helping creative entrepreneurs become their healthiest selves without sacrificing their love of the hustle in the process. She wholeheartedly believes that there’s only one person who know’s what’s best for you (that’s you!) and her work as a coach is all about helping you better tap into that inner wisdom and find your own unique brand of work + life balance. When she’s not coaching creatives or poking people with needles, she spends her time hiking outside with her pup, cooking gluten-free meals with her husband, reading tarot cards for her friends, and lifting up heavy shit at powerlifting meets.

Find Amy:




Episode 48 – Interview with Dr Brad of Hope Clinic

In this interview with Dr Brad we discuss:

*Advocating for yourself with your Dr.

*What is functional medicine?

*How to pay attention to your body.


Dr. Brad is a functional medicine chiropractor and troubleshooting practitioner with Hope Clinic.  Hope Clinic is a group of specialists from different disciplines who work together to find answers for people who are not getting the results they would like from a traditional health care setting.

Find Dr Brad and Hope Clinic



Episode 47 – I Don’t Like Writing Programs

But over the course of many years I have been asked.

  • Will you write me a program to do on vacation?
  • Will you put something together for me to do at home?
  • Do you have stuff for me to do when I’m too busy with the kids and I can’t get to the gym?
  • I travel a lot for work – what do you have for hotel rooms?
  • It’s too nice to be inside for the summer – can you write me an outdoor work out?
  • If any of this resonates with you – I have a solution (stay tuned).



My favorite products and companies

Read about it on the BLOG

Episode 46: Interview with Tyler Kleinhuizen

In this interview with Tyler we discuss:

  • EVO Ultra Performance - what is it, how it helps, and Tyler's back story
  • Think outside the symptom
  • Body movement kindergarten
  • There is a cost to not focusing on the basics
PIPES acronym:

Evo Ultra Performance - CHECK IT OUT

Episode 45: 1,500 Burpees

Most people said – what? why? you are crazy.

I have always been a touch crazy so that makes sense. However, I partnered up with some friends (accountability partners) and decided to do 50 burpees and 30 pull ups (assisted) every single day.
Listen in as I discuss what I learned, how I actually started to "like" burpees and what else you can do to "go streaking."

Find it on the BLOG

Episode 44: Life Lessons From A Rescue Dog

Have you seen the bumper sticker that says “Who Rescued Who?” We celebrated her one year GOTCHA DAY and in the short year that she’s been in my life, I have learned more than I could have imagined. From a mange-covered dog in a shelter to a healthy, energetic ball of muscle, she has changed the way I look at the world and is constantly reminding me of these life lessons.


Episode 43: Interview with Allison Mosso

In this interview with Allison we discuss:

*Intuitive Eating - what is it? how to do it? why is it important?

*Dieting and Food Rules

*Social media

*Our own stories

So much more.

Diabetes & Obesity Related Studies:
  • Miller (2012) Comparative Effectiveness of a Mindful Eating Intervention to a Diabetes Self Management Intervention among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes : A Pilot Study
  • Wheeler (2016) Intuitive Eating is associated with Glycaemic Control in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Ross et. al (2015) Changing the Endpoints for Determining Effective Obesity Management
Studies on comparing different countries relaxed/community eating vs. ours:
  • Rozin et. al (1999) Attitudes to Food and the Role of Food in Life in the U.S.A., Japan, Flemish Belgium and France: Possible Implications for the Diet-Health Debate

Episode 41: I Just Want to Put on My Pajamas

"Introverts in contrast, may have strong social skills and enjoy parties and business meetings, but after awhile wish they were home in their pajamas. They prefer to devote their social energies to close friends, colleagues, and family. They listen more than they talk, think before they speak, and often feel as if they express themselves better in writing than in conversation. They tend to dislike conflict. Many have a horror of small talk, but enjoy deep discussions." Susan Cain - author of "Quiet"


Are you doing activities that recharge your batteries in the right away according to your personality type?

Episode 40: Interview with Aaron Goldstein

In this interview with Aaron we discuss:

  • Real estate investing for young adults
  • Changing your mindset to passive income and creating the life you want
  • How to follow your passion with your work
  • Asking sensitive questions
  • IVF perspectives - from the father point of view


You can find Aaron at:

Insta - @goldstein21
-Spent 5 years as a CPA with McGladrey in Chicago, IL
-4 years as the CFO of a Minneapolis based private equity fund
-Over 5 years as an active real estate investor, and 2 years as a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker with Coldwell Banker Burnet
-MBA in Finance from DePaul University in Chicago, completed BS in Accounting from University of Wisconsin - Madison
Lives in St. Louis Park with daughter Jordyn, wife Michelle & dog Weezy.  Loves traveling to new places, trying new flavor profiles on meats in his smoker, building legos, spending time with his family and helping others get create cash flow through investing in real estate!

Episode 39: I Do Something New in Bed Every Morning

Every morning as my eyes open, I am thinking about what I’m grateful for. It’s not an easy practice, but I have been working on it for a long time. And the other day I had a really cool experience where as soon as I woke up (before my eyes opened) my brain said “I’m grateful for this bed.”

How and why do you incorporate gratitude into your life? In this episode I discuss how gratitude helps me to weather the ups and downs of life while dreaming about the future.


Episode 38: Interview with Megan Flanagan

What a fun interview. Megan and I chat about:

  • Finding and pursuing your college major decision, career path and life purpose
  • Learning most valuable lessons outside of the classroom; the power of connections, mentors and what growing/leveraging your network really means
  • Life as a collegiate athlete and student entrepreneur/trainer - identity as a student athlete; moving on after athletics; developing your personal brand
  • Moving from a small town to a big city where you know no one (Texas --> MSP); embracing life transition
  • Managing time, energy and money (even when you feel like you have none)
  • Shifting your perspective and adopting a growth mindset in any situation
  • Landing your first job and how employers can better understand millennials


Megan is a personal trainer, collegiate athlete and upcoming wellness professional. She helps women and girls lead more empowered, energized, purposeful lives through fitness, mindset and adopting a sustainable approach to nutrition.
Personal/Business Website:  www.meginspire.com, @meginspirefit
Running Community:  www.strongrunnerchicks.com, @StrongRunChicks

Episode 37: Top 10 Lessons From Year 2 – Happy Business Birthday

The Top 10 Lessons From Year 2

What a year. I talk about all the lessons I have learned in this wild ride called owning your own business.

Lessons such as:

1. Coffee

2. Say Yes

3. Say No


I would love to hear from you! Email me and let me know what you think.

Lessons From Year 1 - Read it HERE

Episode 36: I Am Famous

I had a moment of bravery and asked to be a guest on a podcast.

This is the backstory of my real mindset and asking myself questions such as:

  • Do I compare yourself to others?
  • Diminish my own success?
  • Think I am unworthy?
  • Get stuck in a low rut?
  • Thought I would never be as good as those other people?

Do you feel these same feelings? Join me as I go deeper into my experience.

Find it on the BLOG

Episode 35: Interview with Andrea Claassen

Interview with Andrea Claassen:
Andrea is a certified personal trainer, 230 hour registered yoga instructor and mindset shifter. Her goal is to help you make yourself a priority again by creating your fitness lifestyle that sets your soul on fire. She does this by helping you find your core desired feelings and helps you implement them into your fitness lifestyle. Andrea believes training is so much more than working out it truly is about helping you reclaim your fitness story.
We discuss so many great topics:
  • Helping moms set themselves as a priority
  • Getting through intense baby blues
  • Andrea shares her birth story
  • Womens related fitness
  • Yoga integration
  • So much more
You can find Andrea at any of these places:
Website & social media: 

Episode 34: I Am Still A Wanna-Be

I’m a wanna-be ninja. You know – like the ones you see on the tv show American Ninja Warrior. Or – like the ones I see in real life at the ninja gym. Real people – like me. But they are NINJAS.

What happens when your self and your inner self have a conversation/argument while training to be a ninja??

Find it on the BLOG

Episode 33: Interview with Amanda Stafford

A healing journey through strength training and nutrition.

Amanda Stafford takes us through her journey of multiple debilitating back injuries to becoming strong, healthy and vibrant.

  • Are you a cardio running junkie who feels rundown and not making much progress?
  • Do you want to feel better, stronger, and become injury free?
  • Are you obsessed with the number on the scale?

Amanda has gained 20 lbs on the scale recently and LOVES it. Tune in as she inspires us to look outside the number, ditch sugar for good, heal your body and become STRONG.

We chat about raising strong healthy kids with a foundation of strength training and good habits. Also, she shares how they are setting technology boundaries in their house and connecting on a deeper level.

I often get asked "How do I pick a personal trainer?" Amanda and I talk about the personal trainers she has and how they each served a purpose at a certain time in her life and what to look for.

Episode 32: I Am A Soccer Fan

Do you like sports?

In this short episode I talk about my experience with sporting events and what you can learn and take into your life.

Check out photos from my epic soccer day on the BLOG. 

Episode 31: I’m Living Life 5 Seconds at a Time

You have 5 seconds to make life happen.

In this episode I talk about lessons from Mel Robbins:

But this is what I’ve found:

  1. Knowing what to do will never be enough.
  2. Knowing why you need to do it will never be enough.

So what we need is something that’s going to launch us into a state of action. Because if you’re sitting around waiting for motivation, I’m here to tell you it’s not coming.

And this next quote hit me like a ton of bricks.

"If you don’t start doing the things you don’t feel like doing, you will wake up one year from today and be in exactly the same place."

Find more about Mel through this 5 MINUTE VIDEO

Or on the Lewis Howes podcast

And read my blog HERE.

Episode 30: Interview with Zak Kiroff

Zak Kiroff is co-owner of Relative Strength - a functional strength training gym located in Minneapolis MN.

We cover so many great topics:

  • How we found fitness and nutrition
  • His journey to gym owner
  • What surprised him being a new trainer
  • Answered questions from clients from the gym

You can find Relative Strength


Interview with Zak Kiroff

Episode 29: I Meal Prep on Sundays

Meal prep on Sundays helps me to feel calm and prepared for the week ahead.

Do you meal prep?

Listen in as I give you ideas, tips and tricks to keep you on track.

Learn about the foods I keep on hand and prep to have a balanced meal at anytime.

Find this topic on the BLOG.


Episode 28 – Interview with Aimee Dempsey

"You Do You"

My good friend Aimee and I discuss how to truly learn how to be you and live life according to what works for YOU.

It's a topic that we don't often talk about, but is so necessary.


Interview with Aimee

Episode 27: Bliss, Happiness, and Rest

A short 3 hour drive from my house opened up an oasis of nature, hiking, crisp air, rest, rejuvenation, and bliss.

In this episode I discuss ways to bring exploration into your weekends and your daily life.

You can find details and photos of this episode on the BLOG.

"Am I Fit Enough to be a Personal Trainer?" article published with Precision Nutrition


Episode 26: Am I Fit Enough to Be A Personal Trainer?

I am so honored to have written a piece for Precision Nutrition. It is called "Am I Fit Enough to Be A Trainer?"

In this episode, I read the article, talk about the development of the story, and share with you my takeaways.

If you would like to read it in print - CHECK IT OUT HERE.


Episode 25: Question and Answer

This is the first question and answer episode.

I asked the questions of friends, clients, and family. I took a few of those questions and answered them on this episode.

I covered stress, qualities of a good personal trainer and what to look for, how to motivate yourself to work out after a mentally draining day and body image and health.


Episode 24: It Only Takes One Moment of Bravery

Have you ever had a moment of bravery and then decided to go for it??

This week I discuss my most current moment of bravery as well as the danger of magical thinking.

You can find it also on the BLOG.


Episode 23: The Second Time Is Always Easier

Hello! This week I am talking about my experience doing a fat tire bike race and ninja training and how my attitude was terrible. Whenever I try something new - I think that I "should" be good at it right away.

Does this thinking happen to you??

Read it on the BLOG - HERE. 


Episode 22: I Want To Eat All The Cookies

I have really been feeling like I would be so happy to wear my sweatpants and big hoodie, bake a huge pile of cookies (maybe also add ice cream), stay home, binge on tv and avoid work and other life commitments.

Anyone else? Feeling in a funk?

In this episode we talk about how to be honest about your current state (funk) and what to do in order to move out of it.

You can also find this on the BLOG


Episode 21: Interview with Brooke Robertson-Wipperfurth

Interview with Brooke

Have you been on a path in life that was quickly and abruptly diverted to another path? One that could have been life threatening?

Meet my friend Brooke. She shares with you her inspirational story of overcoming a boating accident which changed her life plans.

Brooke is a personal trainer at the Lifetime Fitness in St Louis Park Minnesota.


Episode 20: The Answer Was Right in Front of Me

Have you ever felt stuck?? Wishing you had the answer?

Then you went on a walk and the answer popped right out in front you?

Me too!

Engage Your Mind

Strengthen Your Muscle

Experience Movement

Every Day

Find the blog version HERE


Episode 19: Interview with Carin Skowronsky

Interview with Carin

"I stared at it a while soaking in feelings of excitement and “Holy Shit… this is happening.”  I began thinking that my next year, hell, my whole life was about to change in ways I didn’t even know yet.  I faced great opportunity.  With opportunity usually comes change."

Carin and I discuss her unconventional life shift.

Follow her around the globe:

February - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
March - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
April - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
May - Bangkok, Thailand
June - Belgrade, Serbia
July - Lisbon, Portugal
August - Prague, Czech Republic
September - Sofia, Bulgaria
October - Buenos Aires, Argentina
November - Córdoba, Argentina
December - Santiago, Chile
January - Lima, Peru

Find Carin on her blog "Pairs Well With" 

Instagram - Pairs Well With and Carin Around the Globe


Episode 18: Stop Weighing Yourself – NOW

"Why weigh yourself when you could set yourself on fire, roll in broken glass and feel the same way?" - Unknown

In this episode I discuss conversations I have had with friends, clients and family about distancing yourself from the number on the scale.

What are some questions to ask yourself that support your journey to long term health and happiness?

Precision Nutrition article -

"When the scale sucks: 7 better ways to know if your nutrition plan is working."

Article on the BLOG


Episode 17: Interview with Bhawna Gupta

Interview with Bhawna Gupta

If you've ever disliked your body, felt horrible in your clothes, wished you looked different, or felt guilty for all the food you ate - this podcast is for you.

Bhawna Gupta is the founder and CEO of TEMA Athletics on a mission for body positivity and self love. Her passion comes out through the interview and I know you'll love it.

Pass it on to all the women (and men) in your life and don't forget to go shopping at TEMA Athletics with coupon code TEMA40 for 40% off. 


Episode 16: New Year, New You?

"New Year, New You"

Or how about "New Year, More Awesome You?"

How to approach the new year while appreciating, loving, and being kind to yourself.


Episode 15: You Don’t Need a Resolution, You Need A Reason

I get sad, frustrated, angry, upset and all the emotions when people tell me they want to lose weight. Most of the time it's because they have nothing behind the goal/statement.

Today I talked about questions to ask yourself when setting pound goals/weight loss goals/resolutions.

*How will your life be different?

*What will you gain from losing?

*What exercise and nutrition habits can I incorporate consistently?

And so many more.

Join me in rethinking your goals and resolutions into REASONS.

Happy New Year and I can't wait to connect more with you in 2017.

Links from the podcast:

New Year's Blog 2015 - FIND IT HERE

The blog post from this episode - FIND IT HERE


Episode 14: Grateful and Joyful

Thank you! Thank you!

We all have the capacity to give - our time, our energy, our enthusiasm, and our money.

Together we raised over $800 for our Toys for Tots fundraiser.

How can you give in 2017?? Where can you give?

Happy Holidays!

Find all the pictures on the BLOG!! 


Episode 13: Don’t Wish It Was Easier, Wish You Were Better

"Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don't wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills, don't wish for fewer challenges - wish for more wisdom." - Jim Rohn

In today's episode I discuss this quote and how it plays into my business but also health, relationships, finances, spirituality, and more.

You can find more details on the BLOG.



Episode 12: Interview with Lisa Van Ahn

Interview with Lisa Van Ahn

I AM Initiative

Today we talk with Lisa Van Ahn, the creator of the I Am Initiative.

"I created this girls guidebook and super power cards to help young women follow the path of thinking, feeling, and acting in a powerful and positive way in the world. Self-protection is a daily practice and must be a part of every girls life as she grows into becoming a powerful force for positive change."

Please share this episode and Lisa's Kickstarter project with all the girls you know in your life and help her project flourish.

You can find the Kickstarter HERE.


Episode 11: Interview with April Greibrok

Interview with

This episode is a MUST LISTEN.

From young, happy, healthy, married, active, pregnant, new baby to cancer diagnosis.

It's a story not out of the realm of possibility for any of us. At the young age of 33 April was faced with a Melanoma Stage 3 diagnosis 6 weeks after her son Leif was born.

She is more than inspirational and this episode will give you chills, create gratefulness in your life and make you run to the dermatologist faster than you can say "CHECK MY SKIN."

Please listen, share, and let her story inspire you to keep a positive and hopeful attitude every day and take steps to ensure your health for a lifetime.


Episode 10: Life Lessons From A Burger

My client brought me an advertisement the other day and said "This made me think of you."

The point of the ad was Life Lessons From A Burger. Tune in to hear what they are and how burgers relate to all of life.

Check out the BLOG article for more.


Episode 9: I Ate 3 Pieces of Pie on Thanksgiving

And I felt ZERO guilt. This is huge. I used to obsess, stress, and worry about every bite I ate and how much weight I would instantly gain. This year things are different.

It's all about the change in my mindset, my relationship to food, and how I move my body.

There's also a lot of talk about pie. 🙂

Check out the BLOG article for more.


Episode 8: 10 Lessons From World’s Toughest Mudder 2016

In this episode I talk about my epic meltdown, miniature candy bars, wetsuit malfunction, a self-inflicted black eye and all the other lessons I learned while running around in the desert for 24 hours.

The lessons I learned apply to so much more than a crazy 24 hour obstacle course race and my hope is you can learn from my experience.

You can check out all the photos ON THE BLOG as well as some expanded content not included in this podcast.


Episode 7: 10 Lessons From World’s Toughest Mudder 2015

In this episode I am sharing the 10 lessons I learned from competing in World's Toughest Mudder 2015.

*Everything is scarier in your mind

*Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

*It's ok to cry

And many more! 

You can also read all 10 lessons over on the BLOG.


Episode 6: Tricks and Treats5

Happy Halloween! In this episode I talk about my 4 costume changes this year and how each one was part trick and part treat. I used to avoid Halloween because I am not super creative and never felt like I could make a good enough costume.

But this year, I leaned in, wore 4 different costumes and had a great time! Come join me and listen as I tell you what happened with each one.

Find it on the BLOG


Episode 5: Interview with Dr Grant Norland of Inspired Athletx

Interview Dr.Grant

I am thrilled to bring you our first Interview with Dr Grant Norland. He is the founder and CEO of Inspired Athletx, a company that provides everything an athlete needs for training and rehabilitation under one roof.

We discuss his journey to physical therapy through his experience as a quarterback and athlete. How his practice of physical therapy is different than what most people have experienced or envision in their mind.

We also talk about his experience starting a business and brand from scratch - the difficulties and what he's most proud of.

Dr Grant also clues us in to some common lifestyle injuries that he sees a lot and what we can do to work through those.

"When you combine effort with consistency you are going to have success." 

You can find Dr Grant and Inspired Athletx:



Episode 4: The 90’s Called and I Answered

In this episode I discuss what happens when life interrupts your plans. How do we deal with that? Do you have really regimented thoughts? Will you feel guilty if you get off track??

I share my experience that interrupted my big training weekend and resulted in some Salt 'N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, and more.


Check it out on the blog.

Episode 3: I Have No Idea What I Am Doing

In this episode I share my experience with launching the podcast and having no idea what I'm doing.

"As with most things in life- you have to just start. You have to wake up and say "I'm going to do this even though I don't know everything." And even though I'm really worried about it - I am going to start anyway."

You can find the written version on the BLOG.


Episode 2: Talking To Strangers

In this episode I share an incredible story of what happened to me when I talked to strangers. Have you ever met someone that completely blew you away with their story? With their tenacity and strength?

Listen in as we go into the mud at the Tough Mudder - where strangers become friends and do incredible things together.

You can also find the story on the blog.

The Top 10 Lessons From Year 2

What a year. I talk about all the lessons I have learned in this wild ride called owning your own business.

Lessons such as:

1. Coffee

2. Say Yes

3. Say No


I would love to hear from you! Email me and let me know what you think.

Lessons From Year 1 - Read it HERE

Episode 53 – I’m Taking a Creative Break

Someone asked me once “do you ever have trouble thinking of things to write for your blog?” I replied “Not yet, but I’m sure it will happen.”

Tune in to find out what happens when the universe gives you signs to take a creative break.


Episode 1: Welcome to the Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast

Thank you for being here. In this episode I share with you my background and how I ended up starting a podcast. I share with you my hopes and goals for the show. Let's go on this journey together.