Podcast – 6 Lessons Learned From 6 Years in Business

There is no other choice.


I still remember so vividly sitting in a windowless room when it hit me.


  • I no longer fit in the box.
  • My ideas were too big and not valued.
  • I would not be able to support a corporate mission.
  • I wanted time and choice freedom in my life.
  • I was capable.
  • I could do hard things.


So I put in my 2 weeks notice, said good-bye to people who meant a lot to me, and left the gym where I started my career. The only professional place I had known.

My business was born out of a deep desire and knowing that I was built for more and I really felt I had no other choice for my life than to create what I wanted.


Thursday - April 1st was my 6th business birthday (no April Fool’s here) and I'm so proud of myself for awakening to the reality of that windowless room.


I have written a recap of each year except for last year - my 5 year anniversary which happened to fall 2 weeks into our national shutdown of the pandemic. For at least a month I tried to sit down and write something but since my business had been entirely up-ended, I couldn’t get the words out.


Before I share my 6 lessons in 6 years, I want to acknowledge myself because I’m so damn proud of my ability to  change my business model in a heartbeat, hold space and support clients throughout a stressful, emotional and uncertain time.


Not only that, I was able to support new clients, create an entirely new part of my business (which is SO EXCITING) and spend more time relaxing, training and being outdoors.


Alright - here we go. 6 Lessons From 6 Years in Business.

In this episode I discuss:


  • 6 Lessons in 6 Years
  • What's going on currently
  • Immense gratitude

And honestly…so much more.



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