Peloton – My Personal and Professional Love Affair and 3 Important Business Lessons

It happened to me – the Peloton FOMO. Has it happened to you?? Pre-pandemic life I would boldly proclaim that I was NOT a “work out at home” type of person. I always thought I wanted/needed/had to go to the gym for a work out. Pandemic life taught me otherwise. Maybe you too?

Do you remember going to a mall and seeing a little pop-up shop selling a spin bike?  For me it was at the Mall of America and I will never forget my first impression of the pop up.


In mid 2019, I listened to an interview with John Foley – one of the founders of Peloton. I was blown away by the story, the diligence, and dedication to building the company and brand. Did you know their mission starts that they are a technology company? I bet you always thought they were a fitness company first and foremost? Nope. Fascinating.


I have since listened to the interview several times and there are several business and life lessons worth sharing.


In this episode I share:

  • My own personal story with Peloton (both personally and professionally)
  • The 3 business and life lessons
  • What they are doing well and where they could improve
  • The real life takeaways you can bring to your fitness and wellness business



Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - My Personal and Professional Love Affair with Peloton


And let’s also be honest – I’ve been pretty judgmental of online platforms because there are SO MANY crappy ones out there. The more I use the app – on a bike – in my living room – the more I am impressed by the caliber of instructor and programming.

I have gotten to love the idea that I can go downstairs to my spin bike in the living room, get in a mid day work out and go right back to work. Maybe all those people who were working out at home were on to something?? I’ll still be going to a gym again, but this convenience is real.


Oh and if you’re a personal trainer worried that Peloton will take over your clients (or any other virtual app)- don’t. I have recommended the app to many of my clients as a supplement to our work together and they don’t do it. Many, many, many people will always want the direct personal connection that 1-1 or small group training with an instructor brings.


Riding my spin bike to a Peloton class



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