"The Importance of You - in Life and Biz" Group Coaching Program

Life and business coaching for you - the person who is always there for clients, family and others. Working in a helping profession can be incredibly rewarding........and incredibly exhausting.

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching - The Importance of YOU Monthly Group Program

Building, creating, and growing a fitness/wellness business adds yet another layer. You are now the person who works IN the business with clients and ON the business as the owner.


I started this group because helpers need support too. 


I know you are a deeply feeling person who is really passionate about helping others through health, wellness and fitness. 

I know that you are working so hard to build your business.

I know that it's hard.

I know the internet makes you feel like you should be doing it a certain way or selling with your body or making outrageous claims (that you won't do).

I know you want to do business your way.

I know you love your life and the people closest to you. 

I know it can feel SO lonely. 




Together, we will focus on 3 key elements - coaching, education and support.

These 3 things will transform you as a person and your business. And in my experience, if you try to "only" work on your business, it simply does not work.


Coaching - life and business coaching for YOU, the human behind the business so that you can have a place to go that is for you.

Education - learn life coaching techniques for yourself AND your clients so that you can become more equipped as a professional.

Support - be surrounded by other people on the same journey so that you can be both inspired and feel safe.


This group is a place for you to be YOU and to be supported by me (a therapist trained coach with over 16+ years working in the fitness/wellness industry) and all the other amazing people doing the same thing you're doing - growing a business and trying to be a human at the same time.


What happens as a result of truly having support for you the person? You will build and create the confidence needed to become the leader of your business.


Each month will have one session of each:

  • A subject matter presentation (sales, mental health, time management, etc - and guest speakers will be brought into the group in 2022)

  • Hot seat coaching -  Bring a question or a situation (life or business) to the call and we will coach through it together.

  • Work session - you know what is sometimes the hardest thing? To sit down in a chair and actually get the work done. This work session is exactly what it sounds like. You come to the call, share your work objectives and then we all get to work for an hour and check in at the end.


  • Check in - journal/reflection prompt for the end of the month

AND quarterly we will have a book club. Our next book club meeting will be Thursday March 31st at 11am CST and  book is "The Four Agreements"  by Don Miguel Ruiz - find it here.

$99 monthly membership fee/cancel at any time - you can sign up HERE

$250 for monthly membership AND a 45 min 1-1 coaching session every month/cancel at any time - you can sign up HERE



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