The Life Adventure Collective

Helping you create a life of self-growth, adventure and joy.

This could be for you if:

  • You love self help stuff, but tend to feel a little burnt out from it
  • You desire a life where you are constantly learning about yourself and growing but that's not the main focus
  • You want to do those things in a FUN environment
  • You could also use some JOY in your life

In my work with clients over the last 16 years I have found some themes among all of them. And those are growth, adventure, and joy.

  • We want to grow as humans, as people in relationships with others, in our health, in our work.
  • We desire adventure - small, big, daily, and in the mundane moments.
  • We crave joy - and often don't know how to find it our feel it.
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The quick facts:

  • The main event is a monthly coaching workshop around a topic - the first Thursday of every month at 12pm CST. Yes it is virtual. Yes it is still incredible.
    • It is interactive during the workshop or you can listen or watch the replay.
  • AND THEN - all of this is included
    • There will be weekly private podcasts after the presentation of the month to help you keep exploring the topic
    • And an opportunity to connect with others and SO MUCH MORE

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December topic is - "Healthy Holidays"

Joy, Peace & Connection


Can you believe it's December? And then almost January??

It is officially the holiday season and for many (maybe you....) it's a season of busyness, gift buying, going to gatherings, running from place to place and it can lead you to feeling rundown and disconnected.

I love the holidays and all that it brings, but if I'm not purposeful with my time and my energy, I end up feeling like I missed out on a lot.

Join me for Life Adventure Collective - December coaching workshop "Healthy and Happy Holidays"

In this workshop we are going to discuss the feelings and emotions of joy, peace and connection and discover how to truly create them this holiday season.

Thursday December 8th at 12pm CST.


These things might sound easy - "I feel joy when I see holiday lights" but if you've been around me for a minute, you know it's going to be way deeper than that.

  • Dig into what TRULY brings you joy (at the holidays and all year round)
  • In a world of so many things to do all the time, we will explore what PEACE could mean
  • AND especially now in a 2+ year post lockdown pandemic world - what do you desire for connection??

and a lot about SELF - what do you desire????

The 12 Days of Healthy Holidays Challenge

IN ADDITION, I will be hosting a 12 Days of Healthy Holidays Challenge in the group (on Mighty Networks which is an easy to use app) & through email. This will start on December 9th and run through December 20th.

  • Each day, you will be emailed an activity or prompt to expand on the principles of joy, peace and connection in your daily life

You have two options to join:

  • Join the Life Adventure Collective membership and gain all the benefits listed above. It is a monthly membership and you can opt out at any time (no long term commitments). $29/month - JOIN HERE
  • OR
  • Buy the monthly workshop for $24 - HERE - this is just the coaching workshop (the replay is included) and not the membership or the additional supportive podcasts.

Did you know.......


When you join the membership you have access to all the workshops and supportive podcasts?

You can go in and listen to the October topic "Fall Revival - becoming honest with yourself and setting goals that mean something."

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