Why is there always a piece missing?

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Why is there always one piece missing? 

Seriously. I love puzzles and it seems like I can never get through a full puzzle without misplacing ONE PIECE.

*insert life and puzzle analogy here*

BUT really. I do love puzzles. And recently I have had a big revelation about a missing piece for my business. 

It’s really been there all along - I just haven’t quite known or understood how to put it all together.  At the heart of my work - I am a life coach.  Helping you put ALL the pieces of your life together. Not just the physical part.

For a long time I didn’t really know how all the pieces would fit.  Now I do.

The “Life Adventure Collective” is starting October 1st - it is a community for those who want to live a life of self-growth, adventure and joy.

A place where I will utilize my skills and strengths of teaching and coaching.

And a place where you can come to learn, grow, have fun, be with others and let it support you in the way you desire.

Life Adventure Collective

What is the “Life Adventure Collective”???


  • Monthly coaching workshop - I will lead an interactive workshop on a topic (different every month). The first one for October is called "The Fall Revival" (anyone remember this name from a program I ran years ago?)
    • This workshop will be focused on setting your priorities for the fall, tuning into yourself and how to actually set goals that mean something
  • Private podcasts - After the coaching workshop, there will be 3 private podcasts released as follow up to the workshop
  • Quarterly book club
  • Coffee Club
  • Co-Working Hours
  • Monthly challenges
  • Community Chat

It will all be hosted on a platform called Mighty Networks. This is an app you can download for your phone and it will all be right there at your fingertips.

All of this will be $29/month.

Registration will open NEXT Monday September 26th. And that week will be filled with bonus content before we dive in October 1st.

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

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