Life is For Living and Sometimes We Could Use Support Along the Way

Do any of these feel like you?

Life feels pretty good, yet you know there's more you desire to do.

You feel stagnant and stuck, and are always starting and stopping the same projects.

Your external world looks "great" but your insides feels like a tornado.

It feels like you're accomplishing pieces of all your goals but never fully accomplishing anything.

You're bored and life almost feels too good and you're not quite sure what's going to happen next.

Group Life Coaching

Everyone starts life coaching from an "entry point." This is your original goal of coaching. It could be:

  • Desiring a new job
  • Wanting to focus on your health
  • Grief
  • Periods of transition (retirement, kids leaving home, new baby, etc)
  • Owning your own business and trying to balancing all the pieces


What's your entry point?? Ready to get started?

Life Coaching is Individual to Who You Are, So the Coaching Packages Are Too

Everyone is at a different place when they start coaching. You may want to do a deep dive intensive session and feel ready to conquer the world or desire to meet more frequently.


  • A single 75 minute session to dive deeper into one focus. Perfect if you know what you want to focus on and desire to leave with action items. Also a great place to start if you are unsure if longer term coaching is for you.

Level 1

$149 per Month
  • Weekly Voxer check ins. A great fit if you desire coaching to help you move towards your desired goals and habits but do not need live coaching.

Level 2

$299 per Month
  • One 45 minute live coaching session monthly and weekly Voxer check ins. This level is for great if you are confident in where you are and want to dive deeper and have some accountability to your action steps.

Level 3

$445 per Month
  • Two live coaching sessions (45 mins each) per month and two Voxer check ins. Ideal for the person who is looking for more consistent live coaching. You want to go deeper on parts of your life and want more 1-1 connection.

Levels 1, 2 & 3 Have a 3 Month Minimum Commitment

So, how does this really work?

Let's breakdown the steps to starting coaching.

  • Read over the packages and determine which one feels the best for you (you can always change once you apply and we talk about it).
  • Click the Apply Now button above and fill out the application. The application is a few questions to see if coaching is good fit for you and for me. It does not bind you to any coaching package.
  • Once you apply, I will be in touch to discuss which package is the best fit and to welcome you to coaching.


  • You fill out an intake form before our first session
  • We have our first LIVE session.
  • Depending on the package you have selected, you check in via Voxer weekly.

What people are saying about coaching.....

Lindsey has helped me move past my mental road blocks, encouraged my ideas and helped me build self-confidence, all the while, coaching me towards expanding my business and my life.

With her guidance, I have been able to organically gain more clients without feeling like I’m “selling” my services. Lindsey is truly an amazing woman and her passion for helping others reach success is evident in every aspect of her coaching. 

Tiffany Culbertson

Lindsey's coaching sessions are creative and geared to the individual needs of her clients. In my case, it is by allowing me to draw (stick figures) enabling  me to be more self aware and overcome self defeating obstacles. 
I would recommend her to anyone who aspires to being the best they can be. That’s Lindsey herself: constantly growing and expanding her capabilities. 
Ellen Boschwitz

Ralph Bernstein Life Coaching Testimonial for Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

As a result of coaching with Lindsey, I feel physically better than I have in years. I am more emotionally at peace than I have been in eight years and I got married again.

Lindsey has also worked as a life coach with several of my employees and it's been really helpful and supportive for them to have life coaching for issues that may arise at work, but for their whole life.

Ralph Bernstein

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you use a little more self care in your life? COMING SOON

Self care is one of the most discussed topics in coaching and also one of the most confusing.

For most of us, self care is not bubble baths and spa days. It's learning how to manage our emotions, time, and do the things that actually make us feel good.

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