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Kourtney Thomas is a Self-Discovery Strategist on a mission to help women find their own inner Dolly Parton. Through guided self-discovery work and coaching, she helps women see themselves so they can trust themselves in every choice they make for their bodies, lives, and businesses. On the daily, everyone needs the blunt (but kind) reminder that the only “right” way to do something is the way that works for YOU. With her background in fitness, business, and life coaching, Kourtney has a gift for understanding all kinds of people, building instant rapport, and saying what she means without being mean. She helps women cut through the fluff to the conversations that matter. There aren’t confetti cannons around here, but there’s a whole lot of grit and growth. When she’s not coaching or speaking, Kourtney enjoys bicep curls and hiking fueled by cake in Denver, CO, where she lives with her husband, dog, and cat.

5 Things SHE LOVES About Business

  • The ability to decide what it even means to have a business, and always being able to change my mind or pivot about it.
  • Time freedom - being able to work part time and make full time income.
  • Being able to flex my creativity.
  • Constant learning, growth, problem solving.
  • Keeping 100% of my profits (outside of Uncle Sam, of course) and being in charge of what to do with them

Get to know Kourtney

  • I love music, and I still have a secret dream to be a famous singer
  • Despite being a fitness professional, and now an avid runner and lifter, I was never an athlete and didn't play sports - in fact, hated them and still do
  • I'll eat pretty much anything, but I hate beets, peas, and green olives
  • I love fancy baking, practice every weekend, and am currently re-watching every season of Bake Off
  • I once was a snowmobile queen
  • I don't read personal or biz development books

5 Things She DOES NOT Like About Business

  • The comparisonitis
  • People trying to put me in a box because that’s how you’re supposed to have a business
  • Well-intentioned advice from peers/actual strangers
  • Being sold to or talked to like I haven’t successfully owned and operated for a decade
  • How deeply intertwined it can be, sometimes, to feelings of self-worth

"What do you wish you would have known before starting a business?"

Honestly, I don't have anything big for this. I've been open to the whole journey, and I don't have any regrets. Maybe just that there was the possibility I would eventually, inevitably, want to do something different, and that would be totally OK.

Resources From Kourtney

Free Unleash Your More workbook: https://skilled-originator-4861.ck.page/4c0dab6fc6

Free Boost Your Body Love workshop series: https://kourtneythomas.com/boost-your-body-love/

Kourtney Thomas