Episode 106 – Interview with Joy Evanns – Achieve More by Saying YES to LESS

What if you could say YES to LESS? AND achieve more? Our guest today Joy Evanns shares her story about doing just that. She created boundaries around people, situations, and events in her life so that she could do so much more in her life – including healing chronic pain and illness!

Can you actually heal chronic pain?

You’ll want to listen in if you struggle with chronic pain. Joy’s struggles were with asthma and back pain and she shares how she dealt with it, the source and how she’s helping others with the same.


In this Episode:


1) How setting boundaries and being clear about her YESes has helped Joy to eliminate resentment from her relationships, increased her income, and healed chronic asthma and back pain.

2) How wellness is connected to achievement and what really happens when we spread ourselves too thin.

3) Joy’s Top 3 tips for staying healthy and happy and achieving more by doing less this year.



More about Joy:

Joy Evanns from Achieve MORE by Saying YES to LESS. An award winning author and recovering perfectionist herself, Joy mentors high achieving women – business owners and executives – who have big visions, yet they feel drained, burned out, and spread too thin. By learning to say YES to LESS in her own life and in her former career as a graphic designer for clients including Fortune 100 companies, Joy eliminated resentment from her relationships, increased her income, and healed chronic asthma and back pain. Her latest book, Achieve MORE by Saying YES to LESS, released in January.


Make sure to get Joy’s book – you can find it and all of the bonus content at Achieve More book.

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