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Hi there, I'm Isabella (they/she)! I am a queer, non-binary person and I love cats, plants, and reading books in a lawn chair in my front yard. I have lived in Minnesota for my entire life and growing up I always had a passion for science.

When I went to college, I decided to get a degree in Biology and I absolutely loved my studies. What I didn't love so much were the post-graduation job prospects. I worked in academic science for the whole time I was an undergraduate student, created my own research projects, got published in scientific journals, but then I decided I didn't want to go to graduate school. I thought working in industry might be a better fit for me, so I got a corporate job.

I didn't even last a year in that position before I quit because of a combination of covid trauma, loss of a family member, and a whole lot of intense introspection. I realized that I didn't want to spend my whole life with other people calling the shots. I wanted to be completely in control of my career, my income, and most importantly, my time.

When I discovered the VA industry, it felt like the whole world opened up. Suddenly I was able to have a job where I had the freedom I wanted. I finally got to choose my own hours, prices, services, and coworkers. I am beyond grateful to have stumbled upon this online business life path and I am so happy you have too!

5 Things They/She LOVES About Business

  • Control over my time
  • Control over my income
  • Working from home full time
  • Meeting lots of cool small business owners online
  • Helping other people build their own businesses so they can also have all of these great things in their lives!

Get to Know Isabella

  • I am a published scientist
  • I used to be a professional ballroom dancer
  • My original career goal was to be a classical clarinetist
  • My family owns a really famous ice cream store in the Twin Cities
  • I clinically cannot blink properly, my eyes just don't close all the way

5 Things They/She Does NOT Like About Business

  • Being on social media ALL THE TIME
  • Never meeting the cool people I work with in real life
  • Dealing with queer/transphobic people online
  • The ability to work whenever makes it easier to procrastinate
  • Variable income months can be scary!

"What do you wish you would have known before starting a business?"

I wish I knew that there were people like me out here online doing the same thing. When I started out, I knew so few queer and trans folks who were online business owners. The online business space is largely dominated by cis, straight, white, wealthy, women and I am almost none of those things (except for white) so it was hard for me to even imagine myself succeeding.

After I dug around Instagram for a couple weeks, I started to build community with business owners I loved. Some of them have become clients. Some have become friends and some have become both.

Resources From Isabella

Lindsey Heisemran Coaching. "Real Talk. Business Talk. Self Talk. Podcast Summit"