Episode 65: Interview with Teri Smith – Women’s Health – Hormones, Hysterectomy, Food and Sex

This week we welcome back our first repeat guest – Teri Smith. She was on Episode 56 (LISTEN HERE) to chat about ninja training, training over 40, finding your tribe and so much more.

When we got done recording her first episode we both realized we left out an entire part of her story, which is her health journey. So, I invited her back on to the women’s health series and I know you will see yourself in her story.

Please share this episode with all the women in your life because it has several important messages.

Teri shares with us her journey through changing her food in order to clear up some chronic inflammation and other issues that she had always felt were “normal.” From there she developed horrible periods, cysts, and finally ended up doing a partial hysterectomy.

Through all of that we talk about women needing to advocate for themselves, talk with each other and don’t be afraid to explore different options from several areas of care.

What is really fun about this interview is the way we both realized how interconnected everything in our health is. And from a young age. Your diet at age 25 does have an impact when you’re 45. We also chat about sex and libido so hang on tight!

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Teri has been involved with sports and athletics her entire life, so the health and wellness industry was a natural fit. Teri began her journey in the fitness industry over 15 years ago. Her specialities are Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling, a long time trainer in both disciplines and one of two certified YBR practitioners in Minnesota.

Teri brings passion, compassion and personal attention to her teaching. She drives to create balance in her clients’ programs and believes without balance one can not achieve a heatlhy mind, body and spirit.

Teri has her Bachelors of Science in Pyschology and her Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration/Counseling. In her spare time she enjoys doing anything outdoors where she can spend time with her husband and two beautiful pups, Yama Mitsu (Mountain Shine) and Kohana Kawaii (Pretty Little Flower), photography, hiking, camping, biking and skiing. Here is to living happy, heathy and to the fullest!



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