Interview with Makeda Rose – Breaking Stigmas, Unlearning Judgements and a Journey to Self Love

We are going on a journey together in this episode. Makeda Rose and I talk about a topic that many (and maybe you) might have judgements about. My request for this episode is that you listen with an open mind and heart and notice where you are instinctively having judgements or thinking critical thoughts. Makeda shares her journey to pole dancing and what it has done for her life.


There are often stigmas, judgements and negative connotations about pole dancing, pole fitness, sex workers and strippers. My hope is that you will lean into Makeda’s story. I have already learned so much from her and value our conversation.

In This Episode We Talk About:


  • How we met (I love when the universe makes connections)
  • Her story of self betrayal/loss of control
  • Judgements from others about pole dancing
  • Social media shadow bans
  • We break down common thoughts and judgements about pole



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About Makeda:

“Just a regular person on a self love journey. I’ve been called a free spirit with crippling anxiety. I truly am a perpetual beginner who is mediocre at many impressive things. For me, my learning is never complete. I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself both mentally and physically.”

Fun Facts About Makeda:

  • Obsessed with senior cats
  • LOVES food and is “Makie Needs Snackies”
  • Addicted to chapstick
  • Intersectional feminist
  • Auditioned to be Lizzo’s back up dancer in 2015

Find Makeda on the Web:

Instagram –




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