Small Group Coaching

with lindsey heiserman

Did you purchase a new planner?

Buy a new notebook?

Write out a list of goals and resolutions for the year?

Invest in a journal?

And expect to come out of those purchases a new person?


Surprise surprise! I've tried that method for many years and somehow and for some reason, it just didn't work.

If that's you, let's keep chatting.


Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

HI! I'm Lindsey - so nice to meet you.

I'm a life coach, personal trainer and speaker. I also spend most of my days at home with my two dogs Toula and Peter drinking lots of coffee.

I've been working with clients for over 20 years and in that time have had many business coaches tell me to NICHE DOWN. You may be wondering how business coaches relate to my group coaching offers, stay with me.

As a life coach, I work with clients on all aspects of their life. To me, everything is related. Clients may come to coaching with what I call an "entry point" such as

  • Desiring a new job
  • Wanting to start a wellness routine
  • Struggling with relationship issues
  • Feeling overall stuck in life

As you get into coaching, we work on all aspects of life because everything is related.

So when business coaches would say "niche down" and pick a very specific target population to work with, I knew that wasn't for me.


Over time I have noticed themes and trends in my work with clients and thus group coaching was born.

I have offered coaching in a 1-1 capacity and a monthly group program "The Life Adventure Collective"  and I knew something else was missing.

Group coaching was created to focus on a specific theme or aspect of life. And I knew right away what those 4 things would be for the year.


  • Winter (February 6-March 26) - "(re)Discover You"
  • Spring (April 23-June 11) - "Thriving During Life Transitions"
  • Summer (July 9-August 27) - "Body Image, Self Worth and Comparison"
  • Fall (September 17-November 5) - "Creating and Implementing True Self Care and Boundaries"



You can read more in-depth about each course HERE.

Our first class/cohort "(re)Discover Me" starts Tuesday February 6th!

If you are interested in doing all 4 classes this year, please email ( because I have a special bonus for you. You will get 3 free individual coaching sessions throughout the year if you sign up for all 4.

What is group coaching? And how does it work?

  • Each class/cohort is 8 weeks long
  • Includes 4 group coaching calls 75-90 minutes long
  • Tuesday's 12pm CST
  • In between each call, you will get a private podcast expanding on what we discussed in coaching
  • $599per class/cohort. Paid in full or 2-3 separate payments.

Those are the facts about the program but now let's talk about how and why group coaching works. Group coaching is a great fit if you like being around other people who are going through a similar thing. I have found that it creates deeper conversation and takes the coaching principles to a different level when you have a group discussion. Everyone has a wildly different life situation and that brings breadth and depth to the group.


I often get asked if participation is mandatory in a group coaching setting. It is not. I always re-iterate at the start of every session that you are welcome to have your camera on/off, participate in conversation or listen and be as active of a participant as you desire.

You will always have the chance to say "pass" if we are doing an open share and you don't want to share at that time.

The calls are recorded so if you have to miss, you are welcome to listen/watch the recording.


My desire is that group coaching is a welcome addition to your life, not another thing on your to-do list. Sometimes that may be showing up live for the call and other times listening to the recording.

Lindsey sitting with her dog Peter. Both wearing flannel shirts

Have you had this dull aching feeling like you are looking for more out of life? You are grateful and happy with the life you have, but you know you are ready to grow and expand?


And so you bought the notebook, the self-help book and the journal in hopes that would do it?

I invite you to our group coaching experience. I am confident you will leave learning more about yourself than from a book, meet some incredible people and have a more clear vision for your future.



When Lindsey mentioned that she was going to start a life coaching group, I was so ecstatic. I was already invested in her business coaching and knew that adding life coaching would be just what I needed to focus on who I am and how I want to show up.

Self help books are okay, but they are far too vague and do not give you the ability to ask "okay, but what if?" to the author. A live group with Lindsey would give me the ability to ask questions and clarify how the topic at hand could benefit my life specifically.

Having already worked with Lindsey, I wasn't expecting anything profound right off the bat. But I should've known better! Lindsey has a way of making you think deeper. And when you think you are at the bottom of your "why" she asks one more question and you realize there's another layer.

I have definitely been surprised by the amount of depth and personal attention she brings in a group setting. It truly is unlike any other group I have invested in.

One of the greatest things about group coaching is that she never makes me feel "broken." Unraveling the tangled webs of life and trying to find root causes of dysfunction has always made me feel so gross in the past.

But not with Lindsey. It feels freeing and fun. I did not expect life coaching to ever feel fun!

Tiffany Culbertson