Episode 112 – Molly King – Dry Needling and Female Training

Have you tried dry needling?? I had not but I was intrigued and really excited to talk with Molly King of Inspired Athletx. Molly joined Inspired this past fall and brings many unique skill sets and insights. You can also listen back to Episode 5 and hear Dr Grant Nordland talk about starting Inspired Athletx and his mission – LISTEN HERE.

Since I had never done any dry needling before, I asked Molly to do some on a couple areas of my body. Dr Grant chimed in and suggested to do my traps (upper neck) and calves. I knew I was in for it since my calves are always the tightest and most painful.



Molly was great and talked me through so many things about dry needling:

  • The purpose and theory behind it
  • The differences between dry needling and acupuncture
  • What the needles are actually doing
  • Why my muscles were twitching
  • How to incorporate it into a care routine
  • How it is different than other soft tissue care
  • So much more

In this episode we covered all those questions PLUS:

  • Differences in female training
  • Differences in training for female teenage athletes
  • A preview of the Female Athlete Summit
  • So much more


Molly King

About  Molly:

Molly King, DPT, ATC is a doctor of physical therapy and certified athletic trainer at Inspired Athletx.  She earned a doctorate of physical therapy degree from The University of Iowa and an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from Gustavus Adolphus College.  She also minored in coaching at Gustavus and is an American Sport Education Program certified coach.

Molly specializes in manual therapy, dry needling, corrective exercise, and bridging the gap from injury rehabilitation to sport performance enhancement.  She has worked with clients and athletes from youth to professionals, including football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and baseball athletes, as well as swimmers, gymnasts, horseback riders, and runners.  As a former girls hockey coach, she has a special interest in hockey players, as well as the female athlete. She believes in building a strong foundation of mobility and stability, while integrating sport specific exercises early in the rehabilitation process to help accelerate recovery times for athletes.


Inspired Athletx:

Find Molly at Inspired Athletx and book a Dry Needling or Physical Therapy Appointment – HERE.


Listen to Episode 112 – HERE


Female Athlete Summit:

Join us for an evening of inspiration and education from top female athletes!  We have an awesome line-up of speakers that will be sure to provide you with entertainment, motivation, and information to help you achieve more in athletics and in life.  All female athletes, their parents, coaches, and health/fitness professionals are welcome.  We are thrilled to bring you the inaugural Female Athlete Summit!


Thursday January 17th

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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Female Athlete Summit




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