Episode 102 – Interview with Buffie and Dan Dumas – “Aging, Health, Comfort Zones and Tough Mudder”

You are going to love this episode and these two incredible souls. Buffie, Dan and I talk about aging, health, comfort zones and their experiences at the Tough Mudder. Regardless of whether you want to run a mud run ever in your life, this episode is a must listen.

Have you ever noticed society has “standards and expectations” for us as we age? Ideas about what we should and shouldn’t do? This episode will challenge you no matter your age to step out of your comfort zone and live your life.

We met Buffie on the course last year and she had a life changing moment on top of a warped wall. She carried that message into her life and influenced many people to step out of their comfort zones and push themselves.

The ultimate message from this podcast episode to that you never know how one small action could actually change the life of someone and have a ripple effect.



I promise you will be inspired by them – just look at that photo!

And remember – it doesn’t have to be at all about doing an obstacle race – but where are you challenging yourself in your life? How are you gaining health? How are you pushing yourself to do new things?


There is ALWAYS time – and it starts now. It does not matter what your age – you can change your life at any moment.

I hope you enjoy this episode and please let me know what you think – EMAIL ME.





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  1. […] Let’s pause the story for a moment and talk about this photo. The two on the right are Buffie and Danny Dumas. You may remember in Episode 102 of the podcast I talked with Buffie and Dan (her husband). We randomly met Buffie and her son Danny on the Michigan course a couple years ago. After helping her up the wall – we all instantly became friends, we stayed at their house this last year and Danny decided to do his first Worlds event this year. It was super special to have them there. Make sure you go listen to Episode 102 – it’s an incredibly inspiring story. FIND IT HERE. […]

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