Episode 98 – Interview With Carin Skowronsky – What It’s Like to Return From Traveling and Working Around the World for a Year

Carin is back on the podcast for the 3rd time and we talked about what it’s really like to return from traveling and working around the world for a year. If you missed hearing Carin’s story about leaving her corporate job to take this huge risk and leap of faith – check out Episode 19 She traveled with a group of people through a program called Remote Year. Her travels took her to Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and more.

In Episode 59 – we caught up with her mid trip and got the inside scoop of how it was going, her favorite foods, her crazy adventures and how she was making a living.

And now she’s back! Find out if she went back to full time work, became a freelancer, what she’s up to with her blog Pairs Well With and how she really feels about being back.


I love Carin’s spirit, her excitement and passion about a variety of things and her willingness to take risks. She shares with us:


  • The challenges of being back (and YES – she did come back to Minnesota even though it’s still snowing in April)
  • How she’s going to incorporate travel into her life
  • What she misses most about living abroad
  • How she stays in touch with the friends she made
  • What she learned the most from her year away from home
  • And so much more




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