Episode 93 – Interview with Erica Hoese – Encouraging Moms to Live Their Healthiest and Happiest Life

Calling all MOMS! Could you use a little encouragement? A kind and generous suggestion that will help you to take time for yourself? We’ve got it all on this episode.

I love interviewing parents because I do not have children (well – ok – furry ones with 4 legs) but there is tremendous value in talking about life with parents. Erica is on the podcast this week talking specifically to those moms who feel like they can’t get a handle on their health and fitness AND their kids and family duties and responsibilities.

We chat about a wide variety of things but Erica shares with her us her personal practices for staying grounded and how she takes time out for herself.  She also talks about how it can be really challenging to overcome the perceived guilt of carving out that time. However, she helps us to understand that doing that and creating a self care practice really will benefit your entire life – including your family.


Here’s a hint to one of Erica’s secrets to success – a morning routine. She has put together a guide for us and you can find it HERE.


AND she has another bonus for you busy moms – her list of the Top 10 Favorite Snacks for the Busy Mom – find that awesome list HERE.


Make sure to follow Erica on whatever social platform you love – check ’em out!







Whether you are a parent of toddlers or toddler aged puppies – I know you will find value in this episode. We all can benefit from taking a few minutes to ourselves and checking in on how we are feeling and showing up in the world.






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